ClickPaid Call Record: It’s Him!

As I reported in my last article, Frederick Mann, the mass scammer behind the JustBeenPaid / JSSTripler / Profitclicking Ponzi scheme, has launched a new program called “ClickPaid”. Not everyone was sure its him, as it is quite possible that other scammers try to use his name in order to keep their programs going. Thanks to the phone conference call he did on Wednesday, we can now be sure its him. His voice is just unmistakable.

For those who were not able to attend to the phone call, I uploaded it as promised. If you want to listen to it now, you can do that by clicking here. Basically there was not much interesting stuff to hear in this call. It is the usual nonsense speech of Frederick Mann and the call was made in the same style as the conference calls which happened at JBP. Even the host is the same, she is called Dale.

The promises made by Frederick Mann are the same as always: New, great, revolutionary, breakthrough, indefinitely sustainable and so on. The funny thing is that the system is still the same that was used for JBP / PC and is now proven to be not indefinitely sustainable, after this Ponzi scheme collapsed. Yet he is still promising to pay 1 million USD if someone finds a flaw in the system.

Time to get the million?

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