Classroom management

Define discipline and relate to Class Manag.
includes methods to prevent or respond to behavior problems so they do not occur in the future.
teaching students how to behave appropriately in different situation
Love and Logic. Pro and cons
each student is self concept is always a prime consideration
equal balance of consequences and empathy
should be required to do more thinking then adults
Helicopter, drill sergeant, consultant
Define Relational Trust
Describes a school climate based on mutual respect, competence, integrity and personal regard
Define Reflection and Importance
enables teachers to examine their disposition towards the differences they encounter in their students
Emotional Intelligence
is the ability to perceive a situation as stressful, reflect on the best course of action and choose reasonable action
Developmental Theory
Explain the observable differences in child’s thoughts and actions as they a mature. Major areas are cognitive, motor, language, social-emotional
Three benefits of Classroom Community
two objectives for involving students in the development of classroom rules
Student will more readily follow the rules they help develop

the process of agreeing on a common set of guidelines provides the students with their positive community experience

Three shared values of classroom community
Three recommendation for a classroom meeting
Form a circle
Create an Agenda
Learn about different perspectives
Three ways to focus attention that assist with student transition
Brain Teaser
Flickering of Lights
Wind Chimes
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