Classification of Matter

 Physical Changes


 Changes in which the identity of a substance doesn’t change.

Chemical Change


;The identities of substances change and new substances form.

;When converting one measurement to another in the SI system, set the larger unit equal to this.
;Density is a (chemical/physical) characteristic of a substance.
;The formula for density is:

;D =;m/V


or Density equals mass;divided by;volume.

;All matter is composed of approximately 110 different kinds of this.
;Pure substances are of these two types:
;Elements and compounds
;Consists of two or more atoms combined in a definite or fixed ratio.
;Pure substances that are not elements are:
;A sample of matter that contains two or more substances.
;In this type of mixture, pure substances are uniformly distributed throughout.
;This type of mixture contains substances that are not evenly mixed.




;Separation of sand from water uses this technique.
;This type of separation of mixtures involves differences in boiling point.
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