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I would like to be a class officer because I want to help my class in its future endeavors. Whether it is fundraising or planning for prom I would like to assist. I have many interesting ideas that could make prom an exciting event for not only our class but for the upcoming seniors. Additionally I am confident that Junior class officers will teach me how to be a better leader and give me the opportunity to be in a leadership role. 2. I have been and I am currently in multiple activities and clubs.

I m one of the PATS student representatives, a member of the French Club and Pep Club. In addition I am in Student Senate and I am in the cabinet for Class Officers. 3. The previous leadership roles I have had in the past are mainly in school group projects. I have had only little opportunities to be in a leadership position, but I am trusting that class officers will allow me the chance to be in a leadership role. 4. The skills and character traits that I possess that help make me a good class leader are I am hardworking, responsible, and honest.

Furthermore I can accept criticism, learn from my mistakes, solve problems and follow through on instructions. I can work with a team and manage time. Moreover I am experienced in planning events, for example I am currently helping plan promenade with the PATS, and I have assisted in planning Sunday school events at my church. I have acquired skills that can make me a good leader and hope I can learn more skills to make me a better leader through junior class officers. 5. I have never been sent to the office or suspended from school.

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