Civil War and Reconstruction study guide

During the civil war this occurred because the northerners felt loyal to their way of life and the Southerners felt loyal to their way of life. This created a divide in the country.

The ownership of a group of people by another group of people

Underground Railroad
An organized secret system set up that helped enslaved people escape from the south to freedom in the north and Canada

Nat Turner
I led a slave rebellion 60 White people were killed. However when the troops came to stop us 100 African-Americans were killed.

We were a group of people who were against slavery. We helped slaves escape, spoke out against slavery, and published articles against slavery

The Amistad
I am a ship in which Africans overtook the Spanish sailors. However, the sailors directed the ship to the United States where the Africans were taken as prisoners.

Harriet Tubman
I am an abolitionist who freed over 300 people on the Underground Railroad. I risked a lot of danger to ensure that all of those I helped escape made it to freedom.

Missouri Compromise
Missouri: slave state Maine: free state

Compromise of 1850
California: free state. The fugitive slave law was passed allowing escaped slaves could be returned to their owners.

Uncle Tom’s cabin
I was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe and I describe the cruelties of slavery.

John Brown
I was an abolitionist who planned to attack slave owners in Virginia. To do this I need guns so I tried to steal them from an army store in Harpers Ferry, Virginia where I was captured.

Abraham Lincoln
I was a Republican who was president of the union during the Civil War.I was against slavery.

To break away

Jefferson Davis
I was elected president of the Confederacy

Fort Sumter
The attack on this fort began the Civil War.

Anaconda plan
Strategy used by the Union in which they surrounded the Confederate troops and squeeze them like a snake.

a strategy used by the union to prevent the confederacy from shipping out their cotton.

Stonewall Jackson
I was a general for the confederacy during the battle of Bull Run. I instructed my confederate troops to hold their place like a stone wall.

Robert E Lee
I was a general for the confederacy. I did not agree with slavery but felt loyal to the south because I was born in Virginia.

Emancipation proclamation
Document was signed by Abraham Lincoln freeing the slaves in the confederate states. This did not end slavery because the Confederate states had already seceded from the union.

Battle of Gettysburg
This three-day battle in Pennsylvania was an important Union victory. This was the turning point for the Union in the civil war.

The Gettysburg address
This famous speech was given by Pres. Lincoln giving Union troops motivation to keep fighting for the end of slavery and to unify the country again.

Ulysses S. Grant
I was a general for the Union. I led the battle of Vicksburg and that was an important battle for the union

Sherman’s march to the sea
Total war mentality was led by William Tecumseh Sherman. Union troops went through Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, SC, destroying everything in their path.

Appomattox courthouse
This is the location of the confederate’s surrender, ending the Civil War.

John Wilkes Booth
I was a supporter of the Confederacy. I assassinated Pres. Lincoln at the Ford theatre.

Thirteenth Amendment
This amendment abolished slavery in the US

Fourteenth Amendment
This amendment gave African American citizenship in the US.

Fifteenth amendment
This amendment gave all male citizens the right to vote.

Jim Crow laws
These laws created segregation between blacks and whites.
– blacks and whites could not sit together on buses or trains
– blacks and whites went to different schools

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