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Civil Engineering remains one of the oldest disciplines. It is a major sector as it deals with design, construction and maintenance of physical structures. Civil engineers ensure that all public techniques and systems are up to standards. Some utilities, that engineers have managed to build, include: municipal buildings, water and sewage works, bridges, dams, airports, filtration structures and a design of city street systems. Civil engineering is an umbrella covering many other fields under it. This diverse sub-division include: transportation engineering, structural engineering, environmental engineering, coastal engineering, materials engineering, surveying, and geotechnical engineering. This report will explain the civil engineering community and how wide this field is, providing a range of opportunities for those interested.

The areas covered by civil engineering are very crucial. Any mistakes done in the process of designing or constructing can cause grave disaster to the public. Those who decide to focus on civil engineering must have the knowhow on the given field under analysis. A thorough training in a recognized university is of essence. The maintenance of high standards of engineering ethics ensures continuou and ever-improving standards of society’s infrastructures. Therefore, this report seeks to explain civil engineering literacy practices of the community. These are practices that ensure the continual growth of this sector.

Literacy practices of civil engineering are referred to as the ability of those who practice civil engineering to correctly read, analyze and interpret required pieces of work. This is a continuous process that starts from a person going to school for training. There are various choices that one can choose from. Bachelor’s degrees can be attained in universities. Some universities offer Bachelor of Science, since others offer Bachelor of Engineering. Literacy has been a major factor in the global civilization. Technological steps have attributed to the improvement of literacy levels. In the past, there was no much development in the civil engineering sector because of the limitation of abilities to interpret and execute designs. However, things have changed since a given period of time, for many players in the civil engineering sector have embarked on massive literacy practices.

It is undisputable that civil engineering has always played a pivotal role in the world civilization. This iss caused by the increase in literacy practices within this profession. A person, who decides to undertake this line, must really devote oneself to getting more information as a way of improving oneself and this sector. A civil engineer should be able to design and accurately represent authentic structures. These should represent an actual situation on the ground. Within the civil engineering community, getting higher education is enabled through online degrees given by recognized and accredited universities. One is able to continue with the present commitments conveniently obtaining a master’s or bachelor’s degree.

The civil engineering community represents an important sector of economy. This is a sector that requires a constant improvement to keep up with the ever-changing world. Without all players in this sector, committing themselves to improvement, there would be no development. Therefore, this community is a professional body charged with a responsibility of ensuring that structures are up-to-date with the latest technologies. Thus, all interested personalities must take it upon them to embrace literacy practices within the sector. This is a sure way of ensuring the continual improvement and growth of this crucial sector.

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