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The XYZ Graduate School LAN The President of the XYZ University is considering that a local area network be set up at the Gusaling Don Pepe Atienza (a. k. a. , Graduate School building) which houses most of the Graduate Schools: the Graduate School of Arts, Sciences and Education (GSASE), the Graduate School of Engineering (GSE), and the Graduate School of Management (GSM), as well as the Graduate School Library, Office of the Chancellor of the XYZ Open University (XYZ-OU), the President Ramon Magsaysay School of Public Governance (PRMSPG), the T. O. P. mphitheatre room, the Regents’ Lounge where Board meetings are conducted, and several audio-visual and conference rooms as well as air-conditioned lecture rooms at the second and third floors. The President has approved the purchase of LAN hardware and software, the specific details of which shall be recommended by you, the Network Designer/ Administrator. All officers (i. e. , chancellor, deans, college secretaries, and head librarian) shall each be provided a desktop PC, notebook computer and printer. The GSASE, GSE, GSM, XYZ-OU and PRMSPG shall each be provided a server, printer and fax as well as a PC for each of their staff.

The TOP, Conference Room and the Graduate School Library shall have 10 PC units and 2 printers each. The LAN would handle student database management system, automated teacher/ classroom assignment system, and graduate school staff attendance monitoring system as well as web-based applications such as e-mail system, the XYZ Graduate School Portal, on-line enrolment system and on-line grade reporting system. Aside from these centralized systems, each graduate school would also have its own relevant applications. The President has secured an ADB grant of USD 3 Million for this project.

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