CinderellaMan JayJay

Question Answer
What years did events in this film occur? late 1920s to early 1930s
When the scene shifts from the evening to Jim Braddock's ring victory at Madison Square garden, what date appears on the screen? November 30, 1928
How does Mae Braddock dry Jim's socks? puts them in the oven
The first time we see Jim and the other men "shaping up" for work on the docks, how many men does the foreman Jake need for the day? 9
Does Jim get a day's work? No
What did the Braddock's son jay do that got him in trouble? he stole salami
What does Jim promise his son? to never send him away
Why does Jim do so poorly in his Mount Vernon fight? hand is broken
Why did Jim and Mike Wilson work together on the dock, why is Mike concerned about Jim's hand? Mike needs this job
When Jim and Mike stop for a beer after work, how do they say they lost their money? stocks
What does Mike say workers need to do to deal with the problems of depression? to unionize and fight back
What is Mike's opinion of FDR? he doesn't like him
When Mae and Rosie return home, they see a strange man outside. What is he doing? turning of their lights
Jim goes to 2 places for financial assistance. Where? Welfare and Madison Square Garden
During the birthday party for the kids at church, Father Rorick mentions to Jim the he hasn't seen him at Church lately. What did Jim say? he picked up a extra shift on Sundays
During the birthday party, why are Mike and Sara arguing? He was drunk at church
What allows Joe Gould to get one more fight for Jim in 1934? one fight, one night to fight Griffin, for $250
How does Jim resolve the matter of the money he received from the state of New Jersey? he paid it back
When Jim returns home to find Sara Wilson there, where does Sara say Mike has gone? went to Hoover Town
How does events in cemetery scene differ from events at a typical burial today? many are barred in the same hole w/ just a #
What is Jim greatest accomplishment in the ring? in 1935 he fought Mat Baer for the HeavyWeight title and won

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