CHPT 17 Quiz

There are several categories of digital direct marketing. Which type of marketing includes the use of Web​ sites, online advertising and​ promotions, e-mail​ marketing, online​ video, and​ blogs?

A. Online marketing
B. Mobile marketing
C. Social media marketing
D. Direct marketing
E. Multichannel marketing

Online marketing
For most​ companies, the first step in conducting online marketing is to create​ what?

A. Online advertising
B. E-mail marketing
C. Blogs
D. Online videos
E. A Web site

A Web site
What is the form of online advertising that is the largest portion of all marketing​ expenditures?

A. Branded community Web sites
B.​Search-related ads
C. Online display ads
D. Online video ads
E. Rich media

Search-related ads
Ford Mustang hosts a site with a lot of​ information, videos,​ blogs, and games about the​ Mustang, but customers cannot buy anything directly on the site. What is this online Mustang site​ called?

A. A branded community Web site
B. An online video ad
C. Rich media
D.An online display ad
E. A blog

A branded community Web site
Many marketers who use​ e-mail to communicate with customers use​ permission-based e-mail marketing or​ opt-in email marketing. This minimizes the effect of​ unsolicited, unwanted commercial​ e-mail messages, which are called​ _____________.

A. A blog
B. Spam
C. Viral​ marketing,
D. Rich media
E. A branded community Web site

​Mattel, the toy​ manufacturer, has created a very clever video to present a contest for a winning contestant to experience a​ “Barbie Dream​ Day.” At the end of the​ 5-minute video, the viewer is asked to share it with friends. What is this marketing tactic​ called?

A. Viral marketing
B. An online display ad
C. Social media marketing
D. Spam
E. A blog

Viral marketing
Many firms employ social media marketing because of the advantages the medium offers. Which of the following is a disadvantage or potential issue of social media​ marketing?

A.The immediacy of social media
B. The engagement and​ social-sharing capabilities of social media
C. Targeted and personal nature of social media marketing
D. The costs associated with free social media
E. The interactive nature of social media

The costs associated with free social media
Like traditional​ word-of-mouth communication, social media marketing can present some challenges. In what ways is it similar to the problems a marketer has in managing​ word-of-mouth communication?

A.It can be used to create brand community.
B.It requires very little effort on the​ marketer’s part.
C.It can drive customers to the physical facility.
D.The marketer does not have great control over it.
E.It is very expensive to use.

The marketer does not have great control over it
Mobile marketing as a tool in the market mix has doubled in use in the past few years. Which of the following characteristics is a disadvantage of mobile marketing as part of the media tool​ choice?

A. Consumers get information when they are in a position to make a buying choice.
B. It makes the shopping experience richer.
C. It is very unobtrusive.
D. Its​ rich-media mobile ads can create substantial engagement and impact.
E. It is immediate.

It is very unobtrusive.
​Bloomingdales’ sends monthly mailers and brochures announcing new fashions as well as sales to its credit card holders. What form of direct marketing is the firm​ using?

A. Kiosk marketing
B. Catalog marketing.
C. ​Direct-response television​ (DRTV) marketing
D. Direct-mail marketing
E. Telemarketing

Direct-mail marketing
The two primary forms of​ DRTV, direct-response TV. One form airs television​ spots, often 60 or 120 seconds in​ length, which persuasively describe a product and give customers a​ toll-free number or an online site for ordering. What is the other option in​ DRTV?

A. Infomercials
B. Outbound telemarketing
C. Junk mailing
D.Kiosk marketing
E. Inbound telemarketing

Of all the forms of direct​ marketing, which is perhaps the most dated form and is being eased out of use in its traditional​ form?

A. Printed catalogs
B. Kiosks
C. Infomercials
D. Mobile marketing
E. Multichannel marketing

Printed catalogs
What is one primary reason marketers continue to use traditional direct marketing tools such as infomercials and electronic​ kiosks?

A. It can create substantial engagement and impact.
B. Its cost is low.
C. It is immediate.
D. The marketer always knows exactly to whom he is selling.
E. It is unobtrusive.

It is immediate.
A consumer receives an​ e-mail message that suggests the​ consumer’s account has been compromised and the consumer must supply bank​ account, social​ security, or credit card numbers and codes. What type of Internet fraud is​ this?

A. Flagging
B. Microtargeting
C. Phishing
D. Sending cookies
E.Outbound telemarketing

With the growth in digital direct marketing in recent​ years, several problems can affect consumers. Which of the following is not something consumers worry about when it comes to using the​ Internet?

A. Identity theft
B. Ample amounts of information
C. Online and digital security
D. Internet fraud
E.Access by vulnerable groups

Ample amounts of information

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