Chp 1 Fundamental of Law for Health informatics and Information Manament

AHIMA – american Health Information Management Association
Accreditation, Advocacy, Certification, and education Services (Tenets I and III address privacy and confidentiality)
AMA – American Medical Association
Association for physicians, distributes sconce info, informs of health /medicine legislation, involved in legislative matters
AMIA American Medical Informatics Association
Organization for health informatics, information management personnel, biomedicals informatics, and educators
Business Record
Made and kept in course of buisness/at or near event
Code of Ethics
statement of professional behavior and business practices
protecting personal and private information from unauthorized use or disclosure
Custodian Health Records
Person responsible for development and maintenance of health records (certify/testify)
Designated Record Set
group of records used for making decisions about a person (medical, billing, enrollment, payment, claims, etc)
EHR – Electronic Health Record
Computerized record of health info and health process
Health Information
Data generated and collect as a result from delivery of patient care
HIIM – Health Informatics and Information Management
Managing of data and info/ control, collection, access, use, exchange and protection (paper/electronically)
Health Record
collection of data on individuals that is used by health professionals
Hybrid Health Record
Combination of paper/electronic record
TJC – The Joint Commission
develops standards and certifies organization based on adherence to standards
person whom the Health Record belongs to (provider)
hidden from/ freedom of unauthorized intrusion. has the right to control
Control access and protect from unauthorized or accidental disclosure/ protect equipment from theft and damage with safeguards, policies and limited access
Primary Use
Clinic Care
Secondary Use
Public health tracking, population health studies, quality of care
PubL -Private Law
Relationship with individuals and federal states and local gov. ( most familiar = criminal law)
Private Law
Among people and private business
Criminal Law
processing the accused for violating criminal statute or regulation
Civil Law
Non-criminal law
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