CHM 224 Test 3

According to the Boltzman Distribution, if that energy gap between ground state and a higher state is large, the population in the excited state will be high/low.
low –> the monkey bars are really high, harder to jump and reach them
According to the Boltzman Distribution, if temperature is very low, the population in the excited state is high/low.
What’s the relationship between substrate concentration and product concentration?
as product concentration increases, substrate concentration decreases becuase it is used to make product
When can the possibility of a reverse reaction be ignored?
when kf >> kr
A calomel electrode is made of what?
Hg2Cl2 (Mercury II Chloride)
Non-equilibrium means a battery is ____, as opposed to equilibrium, which means the battery is ____.
live .. dead
in a battery (electrochemical cell), electrons always move from the ___ electrode to the ____ electrode
negative (anode) –> positive (cathode)
in a batter, the more positive electrode is the cathode/anode?
In our Lab 8, what would make the battery die?
excess of Hg and I3 are consumed
The formation of complex is more efficient when Km is bigger or smaller?
k2 (kcat) represents what?
efficiency of cleavage
If an ion is more electronegative than another ion (such as in an electrochemical cell), is the electronegative ion more electron-rich or more electron-deficient?
electron-deficient (electron-hungry)
A cell that runs in the direction of the spontaneous reaction is called a electrolytic/galvanic cell. Thus batteries are electrolytic/galvanic?
galvanic — galvanic
Does the anion or the cation attract more H20 and H+ molecules?
cations are at which electrode?
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