CHM 224 Final

in a galvanic cells, which electrode goes on the right?
the one with the higher Eo — right = cathode
___ Law states that potentials along a closed circuit add up to ____.
kirchoff’s law — zero
what does it mean to say that transfer of ions from the bulk solution to the boundary layer faces a “bottleneck”?
ion transfer cannot go faster than the reaction rate, kf (diffusion rate, max current)
Eo of an SHE half reaction (2H+ + 2e- –> H2)
formation of H2 in acid-lead car batteries is called ___ and is bad for the battery.
in voltammetry reactions, where does the reaction occur?
surface of the electrode
___ serves as a cap on protein chains because it contains no OH groups and thus cannot continue to build the chain
DDT – dideoxycytidine
___ is a polymerase that adds nucleotide bases onto the growing protein chain
TAQ – thermophilus aquatis
steps in genome sequencing
TAQ assembles complementary strand of DNA by adding on nucleotides … eventually TAQ adds a ddc instead of a C becuase it cannot distinguish between the two … ddc terminates the growing chain and causes the chain to unfold (complementary strand separates from the template) … these fragments (all ending in C) are loaded onto polyacrylamide gel and the strands separate out with shorter fragments traveling farther than longer ones .. the gel is then partially decoded because all bands represent C
___ separations is when you have a mixture of components and separate them all out individually
___ separations is when you extract out one or more components of a mixture of many components
home water softeners use ____ to separate out calcium
polystyrene ion exchange resins
in separations, what effect does K have on quality of separation?
larger K = better
what is super-critical fluid?
combines the properties of liquid and gas — good solvent like liquid, penetrates deep into coffee beans like gas — density/viscosity somewhere between liquid and gas
solvent properties of super-critical fluid can be changed dramatically by changing its ____
origin of the terms of the van deemter equation
A: path differential ::: B/U: diffusion ::: CU: exchange btwn mobil and stationary phases
What kind of flow rate (U) do we want to ensure the best separation in column chromatography?
intermediate — too high is bad, but so is too low
which of the following measurements involves scanning an applied voltage?

electrogravimetry, voltammetry, coulometry, potentiometry

when an engine is on, it is galvanic or electrolytic?
in a linear sweep voltammetry exp, the identity of the analyte is reflected by what?
the voltage at which the current is one-half the limiting current
Which of these is going to be least soluble in CCl4? H+, CHCl3, CHCl2
H+ — reluctant to go into non-polar solvent
according to van deemter law, what is the optimal flow rate for a given set of parameters?
the minimum of the van deemter curve — where H=0
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