CHM 116

Ostwald Process

NH3 + O2–> NO + H2O

NO + O2–> 2NO2

3NO2 + H2)–> HNO3 + NO


prevents N2 from forming


Superoxide, peroxide and oxide ion
O2(-), O2(-2), O(2-)
Calcining metal carbonate
CaCO2–> CaCO +CO2
Photochemical smog is made up of…
NO2 and O3
Zeroeth Order Integrated Rate Law
[A]= -kt + [A]o
Zeroeth Order Half- Life
t1/2= [A]o/2k
First Order
ln [A]= -kt + ln[A]o
First order half life
t1/2= ln2/k
Second order
1/[A]= kt + 1/[A]o
Second order half life
t 1/2= 1/k[A]o
Brass is a…
supbstitutional alloy
Steel is a…
interstitial alloy
Brass is a…
interstitial alloy
Electrolysis of NaCl (l) produces…
Na and Cl2
Electrolysis of NaCl (aq) produces…
NaOH, Cl2 and H2
Steel is composed of what two elements?
Fe and C
Brass is composed of what two elements?
Cu and Zn
Al2O3*H2O+2H2O+OH–> 2Al(OH)4
Diamagnetic materials
all paired spins, weakly repelled
Paramagnetic material
some unpaired spins, weak attraction
ferromagnetic material
unpaired spins that align, strong attraction
Ammonia synthesis, methane->methanol and hydrogenation of double bonds are…
uses of hydrogen
Fe (II) forms ______ solutions and Fe (III) forms ______ solutions
Blue-ish and Orange-ish
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