Chlorofluorocarbons Essay

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From far off in space, you can see our home surrounded by a blue ribbon with a faint tint.  The ribbon is almost transparent and is used as a filter to protect all living organisms from the suns hazardous radiation.  It lets just the right amount of light through to supply everything with energy.  We know this ribbon, or filter, as the ozone layer.

The ozone layer is needed to support life on Earth.  In the past thirty, to forty years, it has become evident that something is eating away at the ozone.  Eventually, it became clear to scientists and the government that certain human activities are changing our ozone, and that the shield needs to be protected from all of the factors that are making it disappear.  There are many factors that affect how quickly the ozone depletes.

The main problem with the decaying ozone layer consists of people being careless.  Many times, the chemicals released into the air by people drift into the ozone and form harmful chemical bonds with ozone molecules. One example would be chlorofluorocarbons or CFCs.  CFCs were commonly found in spray cans during the early 1970s but were invented in the 1920s.  They contain chlorine,

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fluorine, and carbon atoms which all form bonds with the rare ozone molecules.  A few more products with CFCs are coolants for refrigerators and air conditioners, foam products, such as cups, and insulation for houses.

Considering that ozone molecules are so rare, it is extremely important to keep them intact.  Without them, radiation would leak into the earth at tremendous amounts.  The radiation comes in the form of UV rays that cause many types of cancer.  Pollution also plays a role in how severe the problem gets. It will eventually eat a hole in the ozone layer and global warming will occur and the average temperature will increase.

The release of CFCs and pollution in an area doesnt always mean that the ozone of that area is thinning at a faster rate than it is anyplace else.  The Antarctic and Arctic areas seem to be hit the hardest with thinning ozone problems.  Even though nothing has been proven for this problem in the Arctic and Antarctic area, many ideas have been tested including three of the most popular, as following:
1) The solar cycle.
2) Natural changes and wind.
3) Cold conditions amplifying the ozone only to bring in more CFCs.

If the thinning of the ozone layer keeps getting more severe with the years, eventually global warming will get so horrible, everyone will die of heat, and during the night, everyone would die from extreme cold because there is no blanket for keeping heat in.

In 1990, a group of government officials gathered to speak of the ozone.  They came to the conclusion that the unnecessary pollution needs to be stopped along with the production on any products containing a CFC of any form.  This agreement will take place in the year 2000. Developed countries will be forced to buy ozone friendly chemicals for the developing countries to keep the radiation and amount of heat balanced on Earth.

The problem is much more complex than anyone could ever explain it to be.  If the population of the world keeps polluting carelessly, this planet could experience a complete breakdown in only a few centuries. This is an extremely important environmental issue that must be confronted and known about.

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