chirality A

What is a constitutional isomer?
An isomer with different connectivity
What is a stereoisomer?
An isomer with teh same connectivity
A stereoisomer without a stereocenter is called?
An Achiral isomer, can have what?
CIS-trans isomers
What isomers are associated with chiral centers?
enantiomers and diastereomers
Two molecules with non-superimposible mirror images are called?
What is a stereogenic center?
chiral center with 4 different groups or elements attached
What is a property of an object and an image that ARE superimposable?
Identical and NO chirality
What are the properties of ENANTIOMERS?
Mirror images
Non Identical
Non Superimposale
Enantio= opposite
Mirror imate at ALL chiral carbons
Not a mirror image at all chiral carbons
How many enantiomers are there for “n” chiral carbons?
What properties are the same for ENANTIOMERS?
Physical properties
Chemical properties
What is unique about ENANTIOMERS?
Interact differently with plane-polarized light-Optical activity
Why is it important in biochemistry to deal with enantiomers?
Reactions are selective for a particular enantiomer
How does the light rotate?
L= – counterclockwise
D=+ clockwise
What is Dextrorotary
Clockwise rotation of the plane of plane-polarized light
What is Levorotatory?
Counterclockwise rotation fo the plane of plane polarized light
How do you do the RS system?
1. Arrange in order of atomic number priority from 1-highest to 4 lowest
2.Orient molecule so group of lowest priority is away from you.
3. Read the three groups projecting toward you from highest1 to lowest 3 priority
If 1,2,3 is clockwise then config is “R” (opposite is S)
What is an equimolar mixture of ENANTIOMER?
Racemic- does not bend polarized light
What are Diastereomers?
Non mirror image at ALL chiral carbons
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