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Ramona Hearer The Embassy of the People’s Republic of China In Venezuela January, 2013 Motivation of going to study In China essay Expanding my horizons It is hard for me to express my reasons and motivations to want to study in China in this short essay. Since I was little, I have started to feel interested in China. From watching cartoons, movies and comic books I noticed its beautiful culture, millenarian history, language, food and people.

I think China is a really special and pleasant country and I would truly love the opportunity to live and study In it. In the past I had the opportunity to study English In the united States of America. During my stay I Interacted with many students, especially Chinese students who were studying English like me. For the first time I established a strong friendship with a group of people who were all Chinese. The first thing I noticed was the love they have for their country. They have such an unbreakable fighter spirit and are such hardworking people.

I learned a lot from them, like being more responsible, studious and independent. I also discovered something I thought I would never find out from

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relating to another country with it’s people, the love for myself and for my country as well. The truth Is that during my time in the U. S. , I felt inspired and motivated. I Improved my English and In Just one semester. I obtained a recognition among the best students of the university for my grade point average. I grew up enormously as a person.

After I came back from the united States I started studying Chinese and I just can say that I felt pleased. The simple fact of visiting or learning about a new country, especially China, is that it is a great source of inspiration and creativity. It helps me to be open minded, expand my horizons and let’s my imagination run wild. The history of China is rich in fine arts, culture, traditions, architecture, sculptures, nettings, music, acting, and even calligraphy, which have been highly recognized internationally.

This makes China seem to be the perfect place to start my studies of Visual Communication Design. Despite this major is just beginning to flourish in China in comparison with western countries, it posses a great creative energy totally different than other nations which I feel will help me have an edge from studying In other countries. The combination of artistic elements, traditions, technology and huge sense of nationalism will all contribute to my studies.

If I get the opportunity to duty in China, I am positive I will contribute my all to the major of design Besides studying Visual Communication Design, I want to go to China to enrich my knowledge, learn more about the culture, share my traditions from Venezuela, become better at establishing relationships with other people of other countries and develop my Chinese language. Immersing myself in this amazing country has always been a dream of mine, which I will work really hard to take in all the knowledge and experiences I possibly can if ever given the opportunity and never waste the time!

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