Chinese App Store Removed Wiper

China’s App Store Bans Bitcoin Friendly Messaging Service

Wiper, a mobile messaging service that gives users the option to delete messages, has been removed from China’s App Store, following its inclusion of a Bitcoin feature.

The Bitcoin functionality of this app was introduced a month earlier.

“We were removed from the iOS online app store in China due to violating that app store’s policies.” Manlio Carelli, declared Wiper’s CEO.

“A reponse from Apple explained to us by phone that this violation was related to Wiper enabling Bitcoin payments.”

Upon receiving the removal notice, Wiper contacted Apple via iTune Connect developer account. Carelli goes on to say that “a helpful explanation of the rationale was received by phone, following inquiries about the removal”.

China has been living in the grey area when it comes to its stance on Bitcoin. Bitcoin has attained great popularity in that part of the world, and some would even say that it is a great environment for Bitcoin businesses to thrive in.

However, some of the most recent policies and regulations imposed by the government have gone against the highly controversial cryptocurrency as Carelli explains,

“The issue seems to be the unclear state of bitcoin in China. A lot of companies seem to perceive bitcoin payments as a sensitive area in China. However, some bitcoin companies are doing business in China. We understand Apple’s position with respect to this.

We hope to bring our full service to China as the situation around crypto there becomes clear.”Carelli has expressed no regrets or complaints about working with Apple.

The Wiper app is doing remarkably well in other parts of the world. It is available for download from any part of the world that has access to iOS App Store.

Quite incredibly, Wiper has been translated to 20 different languages to make it more appealing to the international audience.

As far as the inclusion of Bitcoin is concerned, Wiper considered it to be an organic addition to its mobile messaging service. Financially transactions can be carried out more quickly, globally and cheaply with the use of Bitcoin.

Users can also enjoy the luxury of a secure Bitcoin wallet. This can be done by simply activating the Bitcoin function.

The New York City based Wiper came into existence back in the June of 2014. As mentioned before, this app is mainly used to delete messages from other users’ smartphones. The app also lets you control the lasting duration for each message in the system.

Wiper encrypts calls and maintains no logs in a bid to guarantee privacy of the users of the app. All you have to do to delete the messages is simply tap the touch screen.

The user is alerted by the app every time a friend takes a screen shot or forwards an image or a video recording.

China’s decision to ban Wiper from Apple Store will hurt the Bitcoin community more than it will hurt business of Wiper.

China has a country has huge potential for digital currency communities. If bans on business that have Bitcoin features continue, then Bitcoin’s fairytale run in China may be short lived.

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