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Jason Chen Zheng He US history
Zheng He was born in 1371 in the city now called Jin ning, in Yun nan province. The name he was given was “Ma He” , Indicative of his family’s Hui “Muhammad”, Zheng He’s great-great-great grandfather, sayyid ajjal shams al-din omar, had been a persian governor of the province under the mongolian emperor kublai khan, founder of the Yuan Dynasty, which ruled china in 1279 to 1368.

In year 1361, emperor from Ming Dynasty conquered the mongo, Ma He was only 11 years old, Ming army captured him and make him become an eunuch. He work in one of emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang’s brother Zhu Di. Ma He follow Zhu Di fight many war and also he is smart and strong, give many idea to help Zhu Di to win every wards After the emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang died, Zhu DI became a new emperor and call himself Ming Cheng Zhu. In 1404 Ming Cheng zhu think Ma , His last name can’t be in the history with him, because Ma is means horse in China, and at that time horse just a cheap vehicle for people.

So emperor Ming Cheng Zhu change Ma to Zheng . Thats where Zheng he’s name come from. At the same time he become a Negong eunuch which also called San Bao eunuch, The forth big officer at that time.
In year 1405, July 11, Ming Cheng Zhu order Zheng he to lead 240 ships and 30,000 sailors to visit 30 country in the west pacific ocean and Indian Ocean. THe reason why emperor Ming Cheng Zhu want Zheng He to become a Diplomatist is because Zheng He was work for him when he is only 11 years old, and he trust Zheng He just like brother to brother, and Zheng He also helped him on many wars. Zheng He read lot of books, knows lot about history , geography,culture and religion.

Zheng He also have the experience to be a Diplomatist, He have went to Siam and Japan before the 7 voyage to the west. The diplomacy was success in Japan and Siam, emperor was very happy about it, Then emperor want to learn about more countries cross the ocean to the west,…

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