China Study and Forks Over Knives

Who is the author of the China Study?
T. Colin Campbell

What is the cancer atlas and how was it initiated?
It initiated a nationwide survey to collect information about cancer which was not well understood (1970 in China)

What were the findings from the cancer atlas?
Cancer was geographically localized, some cancers were much more common in some places than others

Why was the findings from the cancer atlas important?
Because it rules out genetics as the only factor of cancer

Name one disease of affluence

Name one disease of poverty

Did rats given aflatoxin on the 5% protein diet or the 20% protein diet have an increased risk of liver cancer?

How is fiber beneficial?
It pulls water from the body into the intestines to keep things moving and gathers up nasty chemicals in the intestines

What do antioxidants do?
Intercept and scavenge electrons that may stray from course (free radicals)

How are blood cholesterol and the “Western” Diet related?
They are positively related

What is plaque?
A greasy layer of proteins, fats, immune system cells, and other components that accumulate on the inner walls of the coronary artery

How does animal protein affect osteoporosis?
Animal protein increases the acid load in the body. To neutralize it, the body pulls calcium from our bones and weakens them.

What type of diet does the China Study and Dr. T Colin Campbell promote?
Plant-based, whole foods diet

What is a junk food vegetarian?
Replace meat with dairy foods, added oils, refined carbs, sweets, and pastries