Child laws violation and poor workers pay

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As indicated earlier, workers unions act as the watch dogs for ensuring that the employee’s welfare is fully articulated in their agreements and operationalization of different systems in their work places. Of greater essence is the strict administration of the child labor laws that requires allowances for breaks and meals. In July 2000, Wal-Mart had 1,371 instances of minors working too late or excess hours per day. One week in the same Month had a total of 60, 767 missed breaks and 15, 705 meals lost by an average of 25, 000 workers.

Wal-Mart Inc admitted and agreed to pay $ 135, 540 for the different child labor charges. It had also been fined $ 205, 650 for 1, 436 cases relating to child labor violations during the period 1995-1998 (Berner, 2006). Wal-Mart Inc has been classified as one of the poorly paying business compared to its competitors in the same type of investment. In the year 2001, the average earning for most people in the business was $ 13,630 annually therefore being far much lower than the poverty line level of $ 14, 630. Cashiers were reported to earn $ 11,630 in the year 2003.


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that an average family required about $ 28,000 to be able to meet the basic needs, this surmounted to massive violation of human rights (Food and commercial workers union, 2008). Gender discrimination and poor working conditions To ensure a healthy nation, it is important to guarantee that all the people are equally treated for higher production and better coexistence. Six women sued Wal-Mart Inc on discrimination relating to denial of promotions and less payment compared to their counterpart men.

With over 2/3 of the total employees in Wal-Mart Inc being females, it poses strong openings for massive abuse on their daily operations. Besides, there have been high rates of employee’s injuries in the different its different stores internationally. In the year 2004, it was reported of the employees being closed inside the working rooms and posing them to immediate dangers in case of emergencies. China Wal-Mart has been ordered to accept the workers unions in order to assist in addressing some of their massive problems in their working places.

Besides, its policies have been criticized internationally because of their oppressive nature (Richard, 2008). Conclusion Wal-Mart Inc has for a long time used oppressive policies that are dehumanizing and oppressive to the employees while strongly denying them immediate chances to establish or to join unions in their areas of operation. Being considered as a major factor that determines the immediate and long term sustainability of the business, the employees are required to remain quiet and strongly opposed to the idea of unions.

With major threats amplified by the poor working conditions and low wages, Wal-Mart has managed to silence the employees as indicated by the numerous numbers of cases regarding the employees working conditions, pay and unions decisions that have been forwarded with little changes in the managements approaches. Governments should intervene to ensure stronger consideration of the workers considerations at their working places in all the Wal-Mart’s operationalization regions.

To add to that, clear monitoring and evaluation systems should be established to ensure strict compliance to the laid down strategies.

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