Child Abuse for Human Sexuality Class Essay

This was a really sad docudrama. It’s sad that a kid of all time goes through something like that. It’s sad that because of maltreatment from person else. they feel they need to mistreat others. It’s sad that they don’t cognize how to love or allow others love them. I wish that things were different in this universe.

I know it happens a batch though. I’ve seen and heard about several instances like this and even met some of the kids ; because my aunt worked for Head Start ( they work with CPS ) . and because a twosome of my ex-boyfriends were in state of affairss like this. One of their adoptive parents was a surrogate parent to several kids who came from opprobrious parents. Besides I live three houses down from a household with quite a few surrogate kids. I’ve besides had a few friends that were abused when they were small and so adopted. One of these friends had to travel through a batch of therapy and guidance for some of the emotional scaring. This helped. but would ne’er do him bury what had happened to him. He was non a really trusting or loving individual toward anyone. and could be really aggressive and opprobrious if provoked even by the smallest thing.

Self-esteem is one of the most of import things a kid can hold and acquire from their health professionals. and it is besides a really difficult thing to alter from negative to positive. When parents are opprobrious the kid about decidedly will hold a negative self-pride. This causes life long jobs for any kid.

This universe is a chilling topographic point and to believe that some kids are born into households where they can’t experience safe makes it a sad topographic point excessively. I wish things were different. but since they aren’t we merely have to trust that we can assist as many people as possible and acquire kids out of these state of affairss every bit shortly as possible.

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