Chemisty I, Chapter 3

What are reactants and reagents?
starting materials in a chemical reaction.


What is a product?
substances forme; RIGHT SIDE OF EQUATION
What is a chemical change?
What is a physical change?
examples of each
-Chem: new substance formed (change in color, odor, gas, precipitate)
-phys: alteration to sub, no chem alt. (melt,tear paper)
What is the difference between endothermic and exothemric?
EXOthermic is when the container gets hot and produces heat.

ENDO thermic: gets cold, heat absorbed

S > L
L > S
L > G
G > L
S > G
G > S
S > L = melting
L > S = freezing
L > G = boiling, evap.
G > L = condensation
S > G = sublimation
G > S =deposition
What is the difference between a homogeneous solution and a heterogeneous mixture?
homo: solution
hetero: visible mixture
What is the difference between filtration and distillation?
FILT: nondisolving solid away from liquid

Dist: seperates liquid

Whats the difference between a substance and mixture?
Substance is definate composition, not physically seperable.

Mixture: two or more physically seperable components in ratios varying from sample to sample

What is crystallization?
seperation prosess where the liquid boils away and leaves only the solid
What is chromatography?
removed something from a sticky situation

such as dyed paper and extracting the dye

What is a physical property? Chem prop?
phys: can be measured w/o changing the chemical composure

chem: ablity to mix with other chems

Whats the difference between an extensive property and an intensive property? PHYSICAL PROPERTIES
Extensive? depents on amout of substance
Intensive? does not matter how much is there.
What is the law of conservation of mass?
Mass isnt created or destroyed
What is the law of conservation of energy?
energy is neither created nor destroyed
What is the law of definite properties? Constant composition?
Compounds always have a definite proportion!
What is the law or multiple proportions?
different proportions create different substances!
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