chemistry vocab 9

a measure of how easily electrons can flow through a material to produce an electrical current
double bond
a bond formed by the sharing of two pairs of electrons between two atoms
property of a metal that means it can easily be drawn into a wire
the measure of the ability of an atom in a bond to attract electrons
property of a metal meaning it can be pounded or rolled into thin sheets
metallic bond
the bond that results when metal atoms release their valence electrons to a pool of electrons shared by all the metal atoms
polar covalent bond
a bond where the electrons are shared unequally; there is some degree of ionic character to this type of bond
polar molecule
a molecule that has a positive pole and a negative pole because of the arrangement of the polar bonds; also called a dipole
shielding effect
the tendency for the electrons in the inner energy levels to block the attraction of the nucleus for the valence electrons
triple bond
a bond formed by sharing three pairs of electrons between two atoms
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