Chemistry St 1: Periodic Table

Can contain two electrons with paired spins and is often associtated with a specific region of an atom.

An energy substate of an atom within a level that designates teh size and shape of an atom.

Indicated by quantum number (l)

Indicated by s, p, d and f in electron configurations

Principal Energy Levels
The major energy levels of an atom
Valence Electron
The electrons in an atoms outermost orbitals.
Non Metals
Generally gasses or dull, brittle solids
Chemical Properties
The ability or inability of a substance to combine with or change into one or more new substances.
Ground State
The lowest allowable energy state of an atom
Alkali metal
Group 1A elements (excluding H).
A horizontal row of elements in the modern periodic table
Cathode Ray Tube
Used by JJ Thompson to discover the electron
Has physical and chemical properties of both metals and non metals.
A praticle of radiation with no mass that carries energy. Example: light
A subatomic particle in an atom’s nucleus that has a positive charge
A vertical column of elements in the periodic table.
A vertical column of elements in the periodic table.
A vertical column of eleemnts
A highly reactive group 7A (also called group 17) element.
Atomic Number
Equal to the number of protons in an atom
Transition Metals
d-block elements
Physical Properties
Observed or changed with out changing the sample’s composition.
Electromagnetic Spectrum
Radiowaves, microwaves, IR, light, UV, x-rays, gamma rays
Electron Dot Structure
an element’s symbol surrounded by dots representing the atoms S and P valence electrons.
A neutral subatomic particle in an atom’s nucleus
Octet Rule
Atoms lose, gain or share electrons in order to have 8 valence electrons
Electron Configuration
The arrangement of electrons in an atom
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