Chemistry review

How would you find the equivalent weight of KCl?

Determine the equivalent weight = gram atomic weight ÷

            Molecular weight of KCl = 74.5

            Valence = 1 (K+; Cl)

            Equivalent weight = 74.5 ÷ 1 = 74.5 grams

What is the molecular weight and valence of NaCl?
Sodium Chloride 58.44 (1) 
MW and valence of NaCHO3
Sodium Bicarbonate 84 (1)     
MW and valence of all forms of Sodium Acetate

      anhydrous 82 (1)

trihydrate 136 (1)     

MW and valence of Sodium lactate
Sodium Lactate 112 (1)
MW and valence of Potassium Chloride
   Potassium Chloride 74.55 (1) 
MW and valence of potassium gluconate
   Potassium Gluconate 234.25(1) 
MW and valence of calcium gluconate
Calcium Gluconate 430.4 (2) 
MW and valence of calcium lactate
Calcium Lactate
(anhydrous) 218.22 (2)
MW and valence of Calcium Chloride

Calcium Chloride
 anhydrous 111 (2)

 dihydrate 147 (2)

MW and valence of Magnesium Sulfate

Magnesium Sulfate

 heptahydrate 246.5 (2)

 anhydrous 120.4 (2)

MW and valence of magnesium chloride

Magnesium Chloride

 anhydrous 95.21 (2)

hexahydrate 203.3 (2)

How do you calculate milliosmolarity (mOsm/L)?
mOsm/L = (moles/L) x number of species x 1,000 moles
The number of protons in the nucleus is equal to the…
atomic number of the element
The nucleus also contains neutrons.  The number of protons + neutrons = 
the mass number
What are ions?
Charged particles formed from atoms
When are ions produced?
When an atom gains or loses electrons
Loss produces a ___ charged ion while gain produces a ____ charged ion
positively, negatively
A sodium atom that has lost one electron is…
A sulfur atom that has gained two electrons is….
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