Chemistry Review

Nitrite forms what?
Nitrous acid
Nitrate forms what?
Nitric acid
A hydroxide forms what charge?
Sulfite forms what?
Sulfurous acid
Sulfate forms what?
Sulfuric acid
Carbonate forms what?
Carbonic acid
Acids with just hydrogen and an element start with “hydro” and end with what?
Ionic compounds end in what?
NH4 is what?
NH3 is what?
Which metals have multiple charges?
Transition metals
What charge does oxygen form?
Carbon forms what kind of bonds?
Mn stands for what element?
The most reactive metal is what?
The Aufbau principle states you have to start filling the __ orbital before the p orbital.
Ionic compounds are ALWAYS electro_______
Fluorine has the highest electro________
Covalent bonds ________ electrons
True or false? Ionic compounds can be charged.
The roman numeral next to a transitional metal, lead, or tin in a compound is used to notate what?
Charge formed to balance the nonmetal’s charge
True or false? All chlorate salts are soluble.
What did Mendeleev base his periodic table on?
Atomic mass
What is a positively charged subatomic particle with an overall positive charge?
A proton
Over the mass number of ___, elements undergo alpha decay.
The ___________ Principle states that no more than 2 electrons can go into each orbital.
Pauli Exclusion
True or false? Binary acids are named like this: Hydro(element)-ic acid.
HF(aqueous) is what acid?
Hydrofluoric acid
NaCl is read as?
Sodium chloride
If an acid doesn’t have oxygen in it, it is considered to be a _________.
Binary acid
HC2H3O2 is an ________. In other words, it’s an acid that contains oxygen.
You write coefficients in front of compounds when you _______ equations.
The coolest person in the world is who?
Kevin Cai
P4O6 is read how?
Tetra phosphate hexoxide
Sr(SO4)2 is read how?
Strontium sulfate (there isn’t a Roman numeral because strontium isn’t a transition metal). The prefixes weren’t used because the bond was ionic, not covalent.
What is an acronym for the diatomics?
If a compound has been identified as an ionic compound, what method should you use to name it? Prefixes (like mono, di, tetra, etc.) or -ite/-ate endings?
For ionic compounds you must use -ite and -ate endings.
If a compound has been identified as an covalent compound, what method should you use to name it? Prefixes (like mono, di, tetra, etc.) or -ite/-ate endings?
Covalently bonded compounds use prefixes to be named. For example, H2O6 would be read as “dihydrogen hexoxide.”
True or false? H2O is polar covalently bonded.
Li3PO4 is read as?
Lithium phosphate
How is H3PO4 read out loud?
Phosphoric acid (forms from phosphate; phosphite ions form phosphorous acid).
True or false? Tin oxide exists.
False; since tin is one of the exceptions, you must assign it a Roman numeral. In this case, only Tin(II)Oxide exists. Aka SnO (The oxygen forms a -2 charge, so tin forms a +2 charge to balance it; since it is now balanced, the -2 and +2 cancel each other out).
If a compound is soluble, then it can ______ in water.
True or false? Carbon forms ionic bonds only.
False; carbon forms covalent bonds only (or at least for the scope of this class).
We agree that Mr. Rosenburg cannot ______.
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