Chemistry questions

What makes a mixture a solution?
Solutions are homogenous mixtures where the solute is dissolved in the solvent.
Mixtures that are different throughout. Hybrid
Mixtures that are the same throughout. Pure
Where can solutions be found?
Solutions are found where ever two substances are mixed together.
Homogenous mixture where the solute is dissolved in the solvent.
Combination of substances not in a specific ratio.
What are parts of a solution?
The solute and the solvent.
A substance dissolved in a solvent to create a solution.
A substance that dissolves another substance.
Compare the characteristics of acids, bases, and salts.
Acids are sour tasting, Bases are bitter, and Salts are formed when the two mix.
Sour, react with certain metals, React with bases to form salts.
Bitter, slippery, reacts with oil and grease, reacts with acids to form salts.
What makes a substance an acid? A base? A salt?
Acids have a ph level of 1-6, bases have ph level of 8-14, and salts have a neutral ph level of 7.
Ph scale
Scale showing the alkalinity of a liquid.
Formed when a base and acid mix.
What is a nuetrilazation reaction?
When an acid and base mix to form a salt.
Process of creating a salt from an acid and a base.
Identify when a chemical reaction takes place.
When substances mix together, and the elements react with each other.
What are the four signs of a chemical reaction?
Bubbles of gas appear, color changes, temperature changes, or a change in taste or smell.
What are the parts of a chemical reaction?
The reactant and the product.
What factors affect the rate of reaction?
Temperature, concentration,additives, and surface area.
What are additives?
Additives are substances added to something in small amounts.
What are the characteristics of ionic and covalent bonds?
Ionic: One atom loses an electron to make a positive ion.
Covalent: Atoms share electrons.
One atom loses an electron to form a positive ion. The other atom gains an electron to make a negative ion.
Reactants are subsatnaces that are present before the reaction.
A covalent bond is when electrons are shared between atoms.
What happens to electrons during the bonding process?
Electrons are shared, changed from positive to negative, or don’t change at all.
How is energy exchang during a chemical reaction?
In a chemical reaction, energy is either absorbed or given off.
Energy is released.
Energy is absorbed.
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