Chemistry Precomps

what is matter
mass plus volume
Define Volume
takes up space
what is a meniscus?
a bowl cause by gravity and liquid climbing a wall
what are the units for volume for a liquid?
what are the units for volume for a solid?


meters cubed

how do you measure the volume of a small, irregular object?
Volume displacement
Define Mass.
The amount of matter is an object
what is the difference beteween mass and weight
Weight depends on gravity
What is a physical property?
Something you can observe or measure with out changing the substance
Define Density.
Density = mass over volume
how can density be used to determine what an object is?
Each and every object has its own unique density.
how can density determine if an object will sink or float.
If the objects density is greater then 1 gram per cubic centimeter, it shall sink
what are the 3 states of matter for water?
a substance changes from state to state with
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