chemistry notes 9/27

types of physical properties
extensive and intensive
the amount of matter in a substance
the amount of space a sample occupies
how long a sample is.
primary extensive factors
mass, volume, length
secondary extensive factors
moles, energy, number of particles
a measurement of the AMOUNT of matter
directly related to its SIZE
number of particles
directly related to GRAMS & MOLES
Mass, Volume, Length, Moles, Energy, Number of Particles
IS density extensive or intensive?
intensive- because it is the relationship between its mass and volume
Is temperature extensive or intensive?
intensive – it depends on the surroundings not size
Is magnetism extensive or intensive?
intensive because they are always drawn to the magnet no matter their size.
what elements are ferromagnetic
iron, cobalt and nickel
iron triad
iron cobalt nickel- can be turned into permanent magnets
two types of pure substances
elements and compounds
simplest substances
elements are made up of what type of particles
How are elements identified?
atomic numbers
How are compounds formed?
when elements are chemically bonded in a definite ratio
How are compounds separated?
through chemical reactions
What do ionic compounds consist of
sodium chloride and salt crystals
How are mixtures formed?
when substances are placed together which will not chemically react
How are mixtures separated?
physical properties
What do mixtures DO NOT have?
a definite ratio
aqueous solutions
formed when solutes are dissolved in water
when metals are evenly mixed together
gaseous solutions
formed when gases mix together
what happens to metals before they are mixed
they must be melted (Molten)
is melting a physical or chemical change
which elements can be made into magnets
iron, cobalt, nickel
used to separate a liquid from a homogeneous mixture based on differences in coiling point
liquids that can be mixed together (must be both polar or both nonpolar)
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