Chemistry Nomenclature

Name the 7 elements that exist as diatomic molecules
H, F, O, N, Cl, Br, I
Hydrogen, Flourine, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Chlorine, Bromine, Iodine
Name 2 common polyatomic ions with charge 3-
PO4 3-
PO3 3-
Name 4 common polyatomic ions containing chlorine and having a -1 charge
Hypochlorite ClO 1-
Chlorite ClO2 1-
Chlorate ClO3 1-
Perchlorate ClO4 1-
Name a common polyatomic ion with a +1 charge
NH4 +
What is Permanganate?
A polyatomic ion containing Manganese and Oxygen MnO4 1-
Name a diatomic metal ion with a 2+ charge
Hg2 2+
Mercury (I) ion
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