Chemistry is dumb especially Matter and Property Changes

Mass weight color size shape volume and density are
physical properties
What is a substance that has definite shape and volume?
What is a substance that will lose its shape under certain conditions?
Amorphous Solid
What is a substance with definite volume but no definite shape?
If a substance has neither definite shape or volume it is….
The resistance of a liquid to flow is
Plasma is matter that is high in…
energy and temperature
Evaporization is vaporization that only occurs on the
surface of a liquid’
When a substance BEGINS to change phases, the temperature…
stays the same
physical changes
Burning paper is an example of what kind of change?
What are the four phases of matter?
Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma
Describe a solid…3
Have definite shape and volume, two types-crystalline and amorphous
Describe a liquid….3
no def. shape, definite volume, takes the shape of a container it is in
Describe a gas…2
No definite shape or volume, two laws for it
Describe a plasma…(2)
High in energy, rare on earth
What is the resistance of a liquid to flow
Give three examples of a liquid with LOW viscosity…
Water, Vinegar, Cooking Oil
Give 3 examples of liquids with high viscosity.
Syrup, honey, oil
Name and describe and example the two types of solids.
Crystalline-A strong solid with a regular repeating pattern.(diamond)
Amorphous-a weak solid(wax, rubber)
What is Charles’s Law?
Volume and Temperature have a direct relationship. As the temperature goes up, so does the volume, and vice versa.
What are the relationships of Boyle’s Law?
Volume and pressure have an indirect relationship-As the volume goes up, the temperature goes down, and vice versa
What happenes when matter freezes?(3steps)
A liquid turns into a solid.Energy decreases. Temperature decreases.
What is the freezing point?
0 degrees celsius
What is the boiling point?
100 degress celisius
What is the melting point?
0 degrees celsius
What 3 substances sublime?
Snow, Dry ice, and iodine
What are the two ways a liquid vaporizes? Compare them.
Evaporation and boiling. Evaporation only occurs on the surface of water and boiling requires the entire liquid, evaporation is a slow process and boiling requires added energy
What phase changes lose energy?
Freezing, Condensation
What phase changes lose energy?
Freezing, Condensation
What phase changes gain energy?
Melting, Boiling, Evaporation, Sublimation
What type of change is rising bread dough, rusting metal and neutralization?
Chemical Property Changes
What type of phase change is volume, density and melting?
Physical changes
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