Chemistry- are humans responsible for grobal warming Essay

Length: 300 words

Response to stimulus material (media articles) in written format (persuasive writing format). Key knowledge 1. Role of the atmosphere in maintaining life in the environment 2. The major contributing gases to the enhanced greenhouse effect and at least one of the associated local, state, national or international protocols. Instructions Gather recent media articles which show scientific evidence to support your key question ‘Is human activity responsible for global warming? A great place to start is Google news.

A minimum of four articles (two for each side) needs to be used. 1. Introduction: Introduce your topic and assert your side. Establish the scientific facts about global warming. 2. Body of Report: Present both sides of the story with direct reference to your chosen articles. *Make sure you refer to greenhouse gas emission protocols. 3. Conclusion: Summaries your key finds that support your view Assessment (All rated low-med-high) Connections to Real World Analyses and evaluate the reliability of chemistry related information and opinions resented in the public domain.

Sustainability / Technology Analyses issues and implications relating to scientific and technological developments Data Use first and second-hand data and evidence to demonstrate how chemical concepts and theories have developed and been modified over

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time Personal [Self Directed Learning To work independently on the task and complete it by the set date. Critical Thinking make connections between concepts; process information; apply understandings to familiar and new contexts Creativity To use a range of digital media skills to present your findings.

Use of online materials to collect and analysis points of view. Sharing To share your persuasive writing task with a target audience (Démodé). Literacy & Innumeracy Use scientific language and conventions correctly, including chemical equations and units of measurement. Communication Interpret, explain and communicate chemical intimation and ideas accurately and effectively. Use communication methods suitable for different audiences and purposes.

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