Chemistry And Danger Zones Essay

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What sort of thing form in chemical reactions? Products are the finished product of a chemical equation, and reactants are what make up the products. ( atoms, matter, molecules, energy, rate, temperature) Name some compounds: H2O (Hydrogen and Oxygen elements – Water) CHI (Carbon and Hydrogen elements – Methane) NCAA (Sodium Chloride- salt) Different types of compounds: Metal + Metal = Metallic Compound Metal + Non-Metal = Ionic compound Non-Metal + Non-Metal = Covalent compound Different types of reactions: Metal+ non-metals ionic compound Non-metal + non-metals covalent compound Metal + metals metallic compound

Respiration, oxidation, photosynthesis and precipitation: Respiration- oxygen is taken in and carbon dioxide and water are given out Oxidation- a loss of electrons and a increase in oxygen Photosynthesis- converting light energy into glucose Precipitation- to create a solid into a solution Protons neutrons and electrons : Protons are positive with a mass of 0. 99 Neutrons have no charge and have a mass of 1 Electrons have a negative charge and a mass of 0. 005 What PH: A scale that measures how acidic or alkaline a substance if from O to 14 Types of disasters: Man made disasters- Garbage patch, plants, bombs, factories, oil spills

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Natural starters- Cyclone, tsunami, volcanoes, flood, hurricane, earthquake SCALES: Marcella scale- intensity (observe Richter scale- magnitude ( measuring seismic waves) What scale is used to measure earthquakes: Seismometer/ seismograph- record earthquakes Seismogram- a graph What are earthquakes?

Violent shaking on the ground Tectonic drift theory: the continental drift theory is the theory that once all the continents were Joined in a super-continent, which scientists call Pangaea. Over a vast period of time, the continents drifted apart to their current locations. Alfred Wagoner first supported continental drift. What is the study of earthquakes? Seismology What are faults, fold trench and mid-ocean? Faults- a crack in the earths crust Fold- a hill Trench- a depression linear ridge – underwater mountain range What are electric configurations?

Arrangement of electrons or atomic orbits What is the Ph test? Tests pH levels to see whether the substance is a acid, alkaline or neutral Equations for reactions: H2O+02-> h2o What is the greenhouse gas effect? Heat-trapping gas present in the Earth’s atmosphere. What is global warming? Global warming is when the average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and the oceans rise. What are the types of variables? Dependent- the variable you measure Independent- variable is in one condition Controlled- a constant variable What is a hypothesis?

An educated guess PH colors: Acid- red orange yellow Neutral- green Base- blue purple Safety and risk: Broken glass Hold equipment appropriately Sweep broken glass Chemical splash on your flesh Keep a distance from chemicals. Wear goggles Rinse area or shower Fire Watch out for sparks Throw a fire blanket of the area Chemical spill Keep area clean Wipe the spill and inform your instructor. Types of volcanoes: Utah volcanoes Streptococcal Shield volcano

Decomposition: Compounds broken into smaller chemical species Naturalization: Salt + bases salt + water Acid on carbonate- Acid + Metal carbonate Salt + Water + Carbon dioxide Acid on metal: metal + acid salt + hydrogen gas Acid on oxide: oxide + acid salt + water Combustion: Burning something Anion: Negative charged atom Cotton: Positive charged ion Compound: Composed of 2 or more elements Lattice- An ordered arraignment of particles Valence electron: An electron of an atom on the outer shell. Valence: Combing power of a compound and element Radical: A group of atoms that stay together in a chemical reaction

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