Unsaturated Solution
Contains less that the saturated amount of solute at a give time
Saturated Solution
Contatins maximum amount of solute in a given aount of solvent at a give time
Supersatured Solution
Unstable. Contains more solute than a saturated solution can normally hold at the same time
Matter containing 2 or more different materials. Homo or Heterogenoues
A physicallaly seperate part of a material having uniform properties
Boundaries separating different phases
Heterogenous Mixture
Composed of more than one phase
Two homogenouse substances cassafies as substances
Elements and compounds
The dissolved material in a solution
Unit of concentration in decribeing a solution
Things that define Matter
Mass and Inertia
Value Judgement
A decision made by using personal standards
Observable Fact
An observation that can be substatniated by you or others
Law of Conservation of Mass
Matter is neither created nor destroyed it only changes form
Types of energy and what they can do
Kinetic and Potential: they can work
Density Equation
D= m/v
Density of cotton or rock candy
cotton is less dense than rock candy
Tyndall Effect
partical size test of homo and heterogeneous mixtures. Light passing through can go through a suspension and colliod but not solution
Two phases of a colliod
Dispersed and Conintuous
Number of significant digits in answer
least number present
Equation for heat
q= (m)(Delta T)(Cp) units in Joules
How heat is transferred
Hot to Cold
Physical Properties
Ductility Expansion
The measure of the average kinetic energy of the particles
Negligible Mass
What the electron contribute to the atom
The same proptons but different nuetrons
The standard for atomic madd values on the periodic table
Quantum number “n”
Quantum number “l”
Shape and sublevels
Quantum “m”
Direction of spin
Charachteristics in a family
Same outer electron configuration
Type of compounds are
If a metal is present in a compund
Binary Compounds
Two elements present
Empirical Formula
Reduced chemcial equation
Similarties in Periods
Outer electrons filling same prinicpal quantum number
Metallic Charachter
When moving across table from left to right metallic charachter decreases
The study of the structure and properties of matter
Last Row configurations
last full line
Valance electron configuration
The last s and p’s
Pauli Exculsion Principal
No two electrons in an atom can have the same set of four quantum numbers hence the need for a speed number
What the electron configuratoin determines
The properties and position in the periodic table
The wave mechanical view of the atom
Give the probability of finding an electron in a colume represented in a s p or d orbital
Observation of a Chemcial reaction
Formation of gas change in color, foramtion of precipitates, fire or explosion
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