physical material that has mass and occupies space
the building block of matter (smallest, easily divisible unit
a unique type of atom (periodic table)
combination of atoms joined by chemical bonds
any characteristic that distinguishes matter
the type and number of atoms
how the atoms are connected to each other
macroscopic properties
properties and behavior we can see
ex: mass, volume, color, flammability
properties and behavior we cannot see
ex: atoms, molecules, chemical bonds
intensive properties
independent of sample size
ex: temperature, density, melting point
extensive properties
dependent on sample size
ex: mass, volume, energy
Gasses: shape and movement?
conform to shape of container
molecules far apart and moving very rapidly
Liquids: shape and movement?
distinct volume, but assume shape of container
molecules packed together and moving rapidly
Solids: shape and movement?
distinct shape and volume
particles held together with little movement
Pure Substance
element or compounds with constant compositions
combination of two or more substances
homogeneous mixture
usually solid and is on macroscopic scale
ex: granite counter top- quartz and feldspar
heterogeneous mixture
called a solution usually liquid and seen on a molecular scale
ex: water plus blue copper sulfate
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