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Chemistry BY stevedores In the Lewis symbol for a fluorine atom, there are unpaired electrons. A) 4, 2 02, 5 2. Paired and Which of the following would have to gain two electrons in order to achieve a noble gas electron configuration? O sir An SE A) sir C) sir, O, SE E) O, SE 3.

The electron configuration of the SO- ion is A) [En]ships B) [En]ships C) [Snap-6 D) [Seascape E) [Asps 4. The ion NO- has A) 10 B) 16 C) 12 D) 14 E) 15 5. Valence electrons. The Lewis structure of OFF shows that the central phosphorus atom has nonbinding and 6. Ending electron pairs.

A) 3, 1 The formal charge on nitrogen in NON- is 7. How many equivalent resonance forms can be drawn for ASS without expanding octet on the sulfur atom (sulfur is the central atom)? A) 3 8. Using the table of average bond energies below, the AH for the reaction is Bond: ?c C-C H-l c-l C-H D (k/iron): 839 348 299 240 413 A) -63 B) -217 C) +160 D)-160 E) +63 9. The molecular geometry of the CSS molecule is A) tribunal planar B) bent C) T-shaped D) linear E) tetrahedral 10.

The molecular geometry of the OFF+ ion is

B) tribunal pyramidal C) tetrahedral D) tribunal pyramidal E) octahedral 11. The CLC-Is-CLC bond angle in the Specific molecule is approximately . A) 900 B) 109. 50 C) 1800 E) 1200 12. The O-S-O bond angle in ASS is slightly less than . A) 109.

50 E) 900 13. The habitation of orbital on the central atom in a molecule is SSP. The electron- domain geometry about this central atom is B) octahedral C) linear D) tribunal pyramidal . A) tribunal planar 14. There are 15.

There is/are 16. O and bonds in the WHICH molecule. A) 6, 2 bond(s) in the molecule below.

CIFS has “T-shaped” geometry. There are non-bonding domains in this molecule.

A) O 17. The electron-domain geometry of A) Coffee B) Jeff C) PH D) car-4 E) all of the above except Jeff 18. Of the following species, B) CIFS D) NCSC is tetrahedral. Will have bond angles of 1200 . A) BC E) All to these will nave bond angles to 19. The molecular geometry of the left-most carbon atom in the molecule below is C) tribunal pyramidal D) tetrahedral E) T-shaped 20.

Of the molecules below, only A) CA B) NH C) H2O D) HCI E) Tech is monopole.

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