Chemistry 112

Electromagnetic radiation:


  • A type of energy embodied in oscillating electric and magnetic fields.

Quantum-mechanical model:




  • Model that explains the movement of the electrons

Magnetic Field:



Electric Field:



The difference betwen them?

  • region of space where a magnetic particle experiences force;Think of the space around a magnet.
  • region of space where an electrically charged particle experiences a force

What is:

1. Constructive Interference

2. Deconstructive Interference

3. Diffraction

  1. When two wave lengths of equal amplitude interact the wave length doubles
  2. When two wavelengths of different amplitudes interact the wavelenth cancels
  3. When a wave encounters an obstacel or slit comparable to it in size, it bends around it.

Photoelectric Effect:



  • observation that many metals eject electrons when light shines upon them

Binding Energy:



  • The energy with which the electron was bound to the metal

What is :

Photon/ Quantum?

What is its value?


  • is a packet of light
  • 6.626 x 10 -34 j . s

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