The study of the compisition of matter
Information obatained throught the senses directly
A proposed explanation on what is observed[image]
A carefully controlled, repeatabke procedure for gathering data to test a hypothesishttp[image]
A broad and extensively tested explanation of why experiments give certain results.[image]
Scientific Law
Is a consise statement that summarizes the results of many observations and experiment
Anything that has mass and takes up space.
Matter that has unifrom and definite composition
Physical Property
Is a quality or condition of a substances that can be observed or measured without changing the substace’s compisition
Matter that has no definite shape or volume. it adopts the shpe and volume of its container
a form of a matter that flows, and has a fixed volume and takes shape of its container
Matter that has definite shape and volume
Physical Change
is a change in a state only. The original components remains.
Chemical Changes
Is a reaction occuring. A new component is formed
a physical blend of two or more substances that are not chemically combined.
Kinetic Energy
The energy an object has because of its motion
Homogeneous Mixture
are mixtures that have a definite composition and properties
Heterogeneous Mixture
A Mixture that is not uniform in composition.(its components are easily distinguished)
Potential Energy
Is a stored energy
a substance that can’t be changed into simpler substances.
A substance that can be seperate into simpler substances only by chemical reaction
Chemical Reaction
one or more substances change into new substance.
Law of conservation of mass
Mass can neither be created or destroyed in a chemical or physical process
Quantitative Measurements
measurements that give definite,usually numeric results
Qualatitave Measurements
A measurement that gives descriptive, nonnumeric results.
The closeness of a measurement to the true value of what is being measured
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