Chemistry 1 Chapter 1

What is chemistry?
study of composition, structures, & properties of matter, the process that matter goes through, & the energy changes that accompany these processes

What branch of chemistry is most concerned with the study of carbon compounds?
Organic Chemistry

Differences between basic research, applied research, & technological development?
basic – sake of learning
applied – to solve a problem
technological – use products to improve life quality
*basic & applied sometimes overlap

What is mass & volume?
mass – how much it weighs
volume – amount of 3D space an object holds

How does the composition of a pure compound differ from a mixture?
pure compound is where you can physically separate the element & a mixture is where you cannot.


Difference between extensive & intensive properties?
extensive – depend on the amount of matter
intensive – does not depend on the amount of matter

Physical Property
can be observed/measured w/out changing the substance (ex: melting & boiling water)

Chemical Property
substances ability to undergo changes that make a different substance (ex: wood burning & iron rusting)

Solid/Liquid/Gas Differences
solid – definite shape & volume
liquid – no definite shape but definite volume
gas – no definite shape or volume

physical state of matter where atoms lose electrons

What does “change in state”
a substance undergoes a change and it is no longer the same substance you started with

Significance of vertical and horizontal rows on periodic table
vertical – similar substances
horizontal – atomic #

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