Chem unit 4

Question Answer
The pattern of chemical and or physical similarities of elements that occur at regular intervals in the periodic table Periodicity
Presented his proposed table which put elements in order by atomic mass Mendeleev
Mendeleev left what for elements not yet discovered? Gaps
There where problems with some of Mendeleev's ? Patterns
Mosley rearranged the table by increasing ? Atomic # solving Mendelvee's problems with patterns
Located on left of zig zag line except Hydrogen (NM) Metals
Located on right of line Nonmetals
Touch line except Al(metal) and Po (metal) have properties of both metals and nonmetals Metalloids
Decide if it's metal or nonmetal by? Wether or not it conducts electricity Metal-conductsNonmetal-doesn't
Elements with similar chemical properties that lie in the same vertical column Families
(Column 1/IA) soft, low density, very reactive with water Alkali metals
(Columns 2/IIA) reactive with water but not as much as group 1 Alkaline Earth Metals
Families in the S-block (orbital) Alkali metals and alkaline earth metals
Metals (Column 3-12) high density, not as reactive Transition
Family in the D-block (orbital) Transition
( Column 13/IIIA) family Boron
( Column 14/IVA) family Carbon
( Column 15/VA) family Nitrogen
(Column 16/VIA) family Oxygen
(Column 17/VIIA) family Halogens

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