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The goal of project management is to manage and delivery of the client’s deliverable on time and on budget. The main objective of project management within an organization is the ability to achieve the company’s strategic goals and mission. The project manager, Mr. Lowes, initiative is to follow the client’s purpose for the development of the product or service with stated specifications with the project manager effectively planning accordingly. The project manager, Mr.

Lowes, to outline the needed tasks of the stakeholder that is outside of the daily organizations functions as business as usual, in order, to creating the specific need for the client domestically and internationally (Wild, Wild, and Han, 2006). The collective consensus of project management within an organization to consider having a structure consensus on dealing with the project team concerns in a proactive manner. In doing so, it displays a productive step in centralizing the need for better planning.

The reason for the structure consensus that overall impacts the organization allowed for Mr. Lowes to listen to both sides of the project management team. Therefore, the determination is agreed upon for completing a project outside of the normal operations of the organization, a

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focused effort must be made for a successfully completion (Armstrong and Kotter, 2007). The objectives of projects and operations are at times very different in keeping the company working towards the same goal, even though, the organization’s objectives for business enterprise is still the core initiative.

The integration of the application of the theory will hopefully allow the processes within the organization to manage the initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing of the project scope. Therefore, the role of change management principles implemented by management empowers the organization to effectively diagnose situations and apply appropriate theory application for higher performance. The change management is a key component that plays into identifies the actual end results of the event that involved participants on the work-team chosen organizational behavior.

Change management is a critical aspect to assist the management style in accessing the particular skills of the team members within a functional organizational matrix, in order for the project management team to being successful. The understanding of how project management and change management goes hand in hand for Mr. Lowes to fully implement a different projected organizational behavior. In doing so, the objective for the change management perspective presents an in-depth conceptual, technical, economical, ethical, decision making, and interpersonal skills that are required to successfully manage complex project teams such as Mr.

Lowes current situation. The challenges in project team development are dependent on the functional organization structure on dealing with multiple tasks to reaching the departmental goals in dealing with change. For instance, the team formation process is detrimental to moving through phrases of forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning but only if the participants of the project team can accept change. It is clearly in Mr. Lowes situation the fundamental issue that is preventing for the complete team formation of project team is the incompletion of the change management objectives.

The role in understanding the functional business operational processes provides an opportunity to analyze the project staff strengths and weaknesses towards high stressful and intense environments lacks the identification of the organizational behavior (Wild, Wild, and Han, 2006). Furthermore, the contexts of team building to successfully implement the management style, for instance, Mr. Lowes approach outlines how the management of change management is critical within a functional organizational environment (Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, and Sutton, 2008).

The management team must utilize the identification process of the organizational behavior concepts within the framework of change management principals. By this methodology, the team within the functional organization would be able to apply appropriate business assessment in deciding the right direction to focus on and to take the team. The identified assessment in challenging environments such as Mr. Lowes team that hesitates to a resolution due to the impeding change in the overall business operation creates a less motivated team.

The successful implementation of change management applications plays Alderfer’s ERG theory for an applied motivation through knowledge, decision making, code of ethics, and style of leadership direction that will facilitate activities (Cooper and Grey, 2005). The effort for applying the theory application to the participants of the project team provides the stages of the project tasks, in order, to eventually accurately report to stakeholders (PMBOK, 2004). Therefore, the organizational behavior presents a synergy to the effective communication matrix monitored by the Mr.

Lowes as the management team – that assures that the change management protocol is effectively being relayed by all individuals on the team. The communication method determines the success of the organization initiatives to define the organizational behavior concept within the primary needs of the project scope. Therefore, the organizational culture impacts the synergy of organization internal project team members for decision making during the process of completing the tasks of deliverables.

The scientific research perspective within a functional organization with different departmental representatives creates a clashing personality that does not agree initially. Moreover, the effort to detect how successful the channels of implementing changes are actually addressed, Mr. Lowes initially concentrated on goals such as the effectiveness and efficient processes. The different thought of reason from theorists to apply a certain scientific research approach is the fundamental key approaches modeled to connecting the team objectives with a purpose mindset amongst team members.

The importance of the objectives empowers the mission of Mr. Lowes to focus on the identified methods to finding an effective way to implementing change management in the organization to achieve the planned goals (Mantel, Meredith, Shafer, and Sutton, 2008). In order to infuse a theoretical and/or conceptual view in a matrix organizational structure, the identification of how change management either strengthens or weakens leadership is imperative to accomplish preset goals that are required for growth.

Therefore, the usage of the motivational theory allows for a smooth transition to change from the project team formation to choosing the right path to embark on within a functional organization. This measure will allow Mr. Lowes leadership to sync other department representatives, resources, and project team in order to efficiently and effectively complete the initiatives. Therefore, the identified three motivational theories that are relevant to this scenario are Alderfer’s ERG theory; McClellands acquired needs theory, and equity theory.

The concept with the Alderfer’s ERG Theory entails the most relevance due to the existence, relatedness, and growth that plays into the role of Jane and Todd situation. The means to obtain significance in the organization is critical to Jane and Todd to bring the accounting department relatedness. The Alderfer’s ERG theory completely describes the current scenario due to the existence of the team familiarity of negatives and positives of the department needs. In addition, the relatedness to each other interacts with each other to continue the production line for the organization.

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