Characterization of Lydia Bennet Essay

In Pride and Prejudice. the character of Lydia Bennet is characterized as person who is immature. critical. and foolish. Lydia is a immature. spoiled adolescent who is accustomed to acquiring what she wants and is a favourite of Mrs. Bennet. Through over-indulgence on the portion of her female parent and disregard on the portion of her male parent. she has been allowed to turn to be “vain. ignorant. idle and uncontrolled. ” This word picture is revealed through both direct and indirect word picture. Through the usage of description. duologue. and actions the overall significance of the novel is conveyed.

Lydia is characterized as being a really immature immature miss. Lydia goes shopping with her sister and tells everyone that she wanted to handle them all to tiffin. but they would hold to impart her the money because she spent all of hers. She so continues to state. “I have bought this bonnet. I do non believe it is really reasonably ; but I thought I might every bit good purchase it as non. I shall draw it to pieces every bit shortly as I get place. and see if I can do it up any better. ” She besides says that there were much uglier 1s in the store and that this one is tolerable. This statement shows that Lydia is really immature in how she spends her money and is a spend-all. Lydia Bennet’s duologue shows that she is really critical of other people. Jane and Elizabeth tell the server that he doesn’t demand to remain. Lydia so laughs and says. “Aye. that is merely like your formality and discretion. You thought the server must non hear. as if he cared! I dare state he frequently hears worse things said than I am traveling to state. ”

She so says that he is really ugly and has such a long mentum and that she’s glad he’s gone. Lydia besides says that her intelligence about Wickham is excessively good for the server. Elizabeth so tells Lydia that Wickham is safe because Mary King is gone to Liverpool. Jane says. “But I hope there is no strong fond regard on either side. ” Lydia says. “I am certain there is non on his. I will reply for it he ne’er cared three straws about her. Who could approximately such a awful small lentiginous thing? ” Through Lydia’s conversations we see that she is a critical individual. Lydia is besides a really foolish individual. She is really concerned with the militiamen. She is really happy to hear that they are in town for the summer. Lydia tells Elizabeth. “They are traveling to be encamped near Brighton ; and I do so desire dad to take us all there for the summer… Merely think what a suffering summer else we shall hold! ” Lydia merely seems to care about chat uping with the reserves.

She thinks that she will be suffering all summer if she doesn’t travel to see them. Elizabeth says. “Good Heaven! Brighton. and a whole campful of soldiers. to us. who have been overset already by one hapless regiment of reserves. and the monthly balls of Meryton. ” When Mary says. “Far be it from me. my beloved sister. to deprecate such pleasances. They would doubtless be congenial with the generalization of female heads. But I confess they would hold no appeals for me. I should boundlessly prefer a book. ” Lydia seldom listens to anyone besides herself for more than a minute. and ne’er listens to Mary at all. Lydia seems to merely be concerned with the small. unimportant things that happen. Through the duologue between Lydia and the other characters. the character of Lydia is clearly described. Lydia is invariably obsessed with the officers in the regiment. and sees no intent to life beyond amusement and recreation. She lacks any sense of virtuousness. properness or good-judgment. every bit good as adulthood.

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