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Explore the ways a cardinal character is presented in the play text. Use illustrations from the text in your response. Eddie Carbone. a 40 twelvemonth old Italian American Citizen from Sicily. is the tragic supporter of A position from the Bridge by Arthur Miller. Alfieri. the chorus in the narrative. first introduces Eddie as a good. difficult working adult male who does normal things like raising a household. feeding. acquiring old. etc. However as Alfieri provinces. no 1 can cognize what his true ego is like. Alfieri prepares us for the find of the secrets in the drama.

That two illegal immigrants Marco and Rodolfo are taking shelter in Eddies place and Eddie’s deep secret of his quasi-incestuous desire for his niece. Catherine. At first. Eddie is shown as a good adult male who is happy and respected by his household. Eddie behaves like a normal. reasonably overprotective uncle towards Catherine and the audience would likely non hold guessed that he has any desire of her other than the standard uncle and niece relationship. However it is non the standard uncle and niece relationship in Eddie’s head but far more complex. The first sense of edginess we see is when Catherine lights his coffin nail.

Eddie receives some sort of unnatural pleasance from this experience. A adult female illuming a man’s cigar can hold a sexual deduction and this is what Eddie see in Catherine. Knowing that Eddie has these feelings. there are hints earlier back in the text to his compulsion with Catherine. When Catherine sits on her heel beside him. he criticizes the length of her skirt. He doesn’t want Catherine to look attractive in public because he is worried that some adult male might inquire her out. He wants Catherine all to himself and does anything he can to forestall her from acquiring a fellow.

Eddie besides does non desire her traveling out of his place. He wants Catherine ever within his appreciation. When Catherine tells Eddie that she got a new occupation. he disapproves consecutive off: “No – no. you gon na finish school. What kina occupation. what do you intend? All of a sudden you-“ . He is really panicked and disturbed by this information that Catherine is acquiring a occupation significance that Eddie would see Catherine less which seem like a realistic ground for an uncle to be upset about. but cognizing Eddie’s true purposes. he want Catherine to be near to him every bit near as possible.

Eddie’s interior feelings are besides slightly open during when Eddie and Beatrice argue. Although Eddie can non yet hold on his ain feelings. is seems like other character like Alfieri and Beatrice are cognizant of his involvement in Catherine: Eddie: “What are you huffy at me recently? ” Beatrice: “Who’s mad? … You’re the 1 is huffy. ” Eddie is mentioning to “mad” as in angry and inquiring why Beatrice is cross with him. Beatrice responds by mentioning to the “mad” as in mentally insane and suggests that Eddie had lost his head. which he finally does.

Eddie is besides show to be a selfish natured and an untrusty adult male. He reminds Beatrice non to allow her tired cousins sleep in his bed because the bed is his ain belongings. This could associate with the manner that he feels about Catherine ; she is his personal belongings and that no 1 can ‘use’ his personal belongings apart from himself. Eddie’s experience with life and work has led him to go leery of others. He advises Catherine “the lupus erythematosus you trust. the less you be sorry” demoing that Eddie has non trusted Al batch of people in his life and that when he does. it turns out traveling incorrect.

This prepares us for the intuition and misgiving he has when Rodolfo arrives. Eddie becomes progressively covetous of Catherine’s involvement in Rodolfo. “Catherine: ( enthralled ) Leave him finish. it’s beautiful! ” Catherine likes Rodolfo from the instant she met him and Eddie. aware of this is. wants Catherine to wish him in the same manner alternatively of Rodolfo. Eddie rapidly comes up with an alibi to halt Rodolfo from singing by stating that “you don’t want to be picked up. make ya? ” which seems like a plausible ground – if Rodolfo sings excessively loud so person might detect something unusual and inquire.

However Eddie’s true motivation for forestalling Eddie from singing is to halt Catherine from being amazed by Rodolfo. Eddie’s jealousy becomes farther exposed as his face is described as being ‘puffed with trouble’ in the phase way where Catherine is doing Rodolfo java. He is covetous that Catherine is acquiring Rodolfo a drink when before Catherine was acquiring him a beer. Eddie province of head is shown when Catherine is talk to Eddie after she has got back from Brooklyn Paramount with Rodolfo. Catherine has told Eddie that she likes him and the phase waies show hiswd reaction to this: “He looks at her like a lost boy” .

Eddie feels a kind of saddened green-eyed monster but he is unable to recognize this dishonorable emotion and incapable of acknowledging this to himself. He is so emotionally “lost” . Eddie’s compulsion with Catherine and his vindictive nature grows throughout the narrative. He tries to make anything he can to set Catherine of Rodolfo. In his conversation with Beatrice. Eddie says to her that he is homosexual: “Paper Doll they’re callin’ him. Canary. He’s like a weird” . Eddie is seeking to do Beatrice and everyone bend against Rodolfo but ironically everyone turns on him.

Eddie tells Catherine that Rodolfo merely likes her because he wants to obtain an American citizenship by get marrieding her: “Katie. he’s merely bowin’ to his passport” . Eddie is seeking to do Catherine uncertainty Rodolfo but this is unsuccessful and ends up in Catherine mistrusting Eddie. This strong compulsion Edie has with Catherine did non merely get down when the cousins arrived but has been an on-going procedure from earlier. This is shown in Eddie’s conversation with Beatrice where she tells him that she has concerns of her ain: “When am I gon na be a married woman once more. Eddie…

It’s about three months” . Eddie and Beatrice have had no sexual association for three months because all that has been on his head is Catherine. Near the terminal of Act 1. Eddie’s is show to be violent and cold hearted. He mocks Rodolfo’s accomplishments in vocalizing. doing apparels and cookery and compares him to himself and state that this is no topographic point for him. He is proposing that he is non manfully plenty to be here like him and that he should be in some other topographic point. Eddie tries to purportedly “teach” Rodolfo packaging all of a sudden: “Well. come on. I’ll Teach you”

However Eddie knows that Rodolfo is weaker than he is and uses this as an alibi to plug Rodolfo in the face and demo everyone. exceptional Catherine. how weak Rodolfo is and to mortify him nevertheless this had the opposite consequence and exposes how sadistic Eddie can be. Eddies motivations for his actions all originate from his quasi-incestuous love for his niece. As Alfieri describes. “His eyes were similar tunnels” . he can merely see Catherine and no 1 else. He can non understand why he merely sees Catherine but that is all he sees and refuses to allow any feeling or any individual enter that tunnel nd doing certain that Catherine stays merely in his tunnel and non anyone else’s.

Significantly. the words of the vocal Rodolfo sings. “Paper Doll” . symbolically reflects Eddie’s feelings for Catherine: “It’s tough to love a doll that’s non your own” “I’m gon na purchase a paper doll that I can name my own” “A doll that other chaps can non steal. ” Figuratively. Eddie is the 1 singing the vocal and Catherine is the topic of the vocal. the doll. and that is has been ‘stolen’ by person – Rodolfo. This vocal was carefully chosen by Arthur Miller to move as an hint of what was to come.

Eddie is unable to grok his true feelings but other characters have a clearer position than he does. Like Alfieri. who knows of his love for his niece and depict this as “a passion that had moved into his body” . This is important because this metaphor is near to the truth of what has happed to Eddie ; this freshly found passion of Catherine as grown over clip and has became strong plenty so that it to the full controls his organic structure. and is behind every action in Eddie’s life. Eddie’s first conversation with Alfieri shows that Alfieri knows his feelings: “sometimes even a girl. and he ne’er realizes it. ut through the old ages – there is excessively much love for the girl. there is excessively much love for the niece. Make you understand what I’m stating to you? ” But Eddie does non to the full understand what Alfieri is stating. he believe Alfieri intend “love” and in a Uncle and niece love. but Alfieri knows Eddies feeling and is speaking about existent physical love for Catherine. Eddie sightlessness towards his inner feeling and obstinacy in allowing spell of Catherine are Eddie’s tragic defects that bring upon his ruin.

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