Character of Crooks in “Of mice and men” Essay

Throughout the fresh “Of Mice and Men” Steinbeck nowadayss Crook as being lonely. intelligent and hopeless. He is in a minority group and is discriminated against because he represents the black community in 1930’s America. Indeed. it is because of this favoritism that Crooks efforts to pull whatever limited sum of power he can from his milieus. “Well I got ta right to hold a light” . This implies Crooks is defensive and possibly isn’t allowed the things he wants or needs. or the things he see that other people have. He besides has a “shot gun” and a “Californian civil codification “ . These things suggest that Crooks is physically weak and has to hold protection and the jurisprudence to experience power against others. “Don’t be coming in a topographic point you’re non wanted. “ This quotation mark suggests that Crooks doesn’t want anybody coming in his room. during that clip racism was strong and Crook’s has to populate on his ain. he doesn’t have power over a batch of things so for him to be able to hold his ain room he will that power over people. Crooks’ desire to exert power over Lennie may be a consequence of favoritism he has suffered from in his life.

“The white childs come to play… . My ol adult male didn’t like that” . This shows like most childs they are naif and hence Crooks’ didn’t understand why his male parent ( “ol’ man” ) didn’t like him playing with the white childs. Crook’s experience of racial struggle and favoritism throughout his life Teachs him why his male parent didn’t want him to play with them. “ I can’t play coz I’m black” this quotation mark is another illustration of the manner society was in the 1930s and how racism was all right it besides links to the subject lonely because it shows that cipher wants to be close Crooks’ or make anything with him. Crooks’ deficiency of societal position means he does non merely suffer from favoritism from the work forces on the spread but besides Curley’s married woman. Crooks says “maybe you better travel along to your ain house now we don’t want no trouble” by what he is stating implies that if they are caught with or speaking to her there would be problem. and that she is unsafe to them. And one point in the fresh Curley’s married woman is truly revengeful towards Crooks and says “well you better maintain your topographic point so nigger. I could acquire your strung up on a tree so easy it aint even amusing. ’ Crooks’ is like quarry in this society and is at a disadvantage because he is black. Candy’s married woman threatens him by stating she could acquire him killed and could make this because she is white.

This remark immediately makes Crooks soundless and returns him back to his societal point of view by reacting to Curley’s married woman bargain stating “yes. ma’am in a toneless voice. Crooks’ besides attempts to exercise power over Lennie in his hovel although with limited success. “Crooks face lit up with the pleasance of his anguish. ” This may be the first clip in Crooks’ life when he has more power than another human being. Lennie terrors and battles to understand. this allows Crooks to exercise more control. Lennie’s mentally handicapped and is used to favoritism and force as were black people but because of Lennie’s deficiency of understanding it allows Crooks to exert power over him and he enjoys it. Crooks’ says “it’s merely being with another cat that’s all” . This shows that Crooks’ believes that it does non count what you say to some on it’s that you say something. He’s a really alone individual due to the fact he ne’er has anyone to speak to. Crooks is stating holding company is what affairs. there’s no demand to be choosey about the company itself.

This shows his despair after being isolated for so long. Crooks’ is shown to be a acrimonious adult male who sees others dreams as futile. “Nobody gets to heaven” . Crooks believes that the dream is impossible and has no hope for anybody traveling past there societal category and going rich. He mentions that dozenss of work forces have come through the spread and said that they were traveling to acquire some land but it ne’er works out for them so it leads to Crook believing the dream is wholly unattainable. After Lennie and confect go one about how they will acquire the land and how there’s no halting them and they seem so certain about it. Crooks says “if you cats need a manus I could come and impart it” .

Crook’s stops being so negative for a minute and starts to believe in the dream. He feels so comfy with Lennie and Candy that he forgets his topographic point in that society. but after Curley’s married woman leaves he says “forget about it merely foolin. I wouldn want to travel no topographic point like that” . Crooks’ has seen all the problem that people cause when they get together and he has decided he doesn’t want any portion of it and thinks that the farm shared by three work forces would go to helter-skelter and that George would go tired of duty.

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