Chapter Computer Rental and Profit Monitoring System

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Specific Topic: Computer Rental and Profit Monitoring System with Removable Disk Detector Ill. Definition of Topic A. Importance and Significance This study will benefit the owner of the company In the way that this can provide reliable information about their business transactions and in that case this will also result to a much faster processing of billing/logging and many more. This also benefits the employees for them not to exert more effort on computing especially the timekeeper also; to costumer by using removable disk detector. This will also be beneficial to the developers, future researchers and customers.

B. Manageability This study is capable of automate the billing and longing via local area. This is also capable of tracking costumer time in and out, especially monitoring the profit daily, annual or yearly. This study also has the capability of monitoring of profit C. Sources of Information and articles about the existing of the like system. IV. Expected Output General Objective This study aims to create an computer rental and profit monitoring system with removable disk detector. Specific Objective * Automate an existing business process of logging in and using computers Internet Cafe.

The cafe still has no computer system that handles the rentals of their computer units. It includes the timekeeping system for those who rent. * Enable the owner to check on the status of the rentals of the internet cafe at home. The owner or person-in-charge has a view of all the computer units in the internet cafe. Present there is a user interface that keeps data on the units such as: the timekeeping, power status and profits of the computers. * To develop a system that have a removable disk detector.

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