Chapter 9 Key Terms

What event helped jump start a new era of U.S. government spending on technology?
Sputniks orbit of the earth
A solution to preventing logjams in data communication during the early days of computer development was called
ARPA net
Which of the following was NOT an early use of the Internet?
multimedia sharing
What helped to encourage private investment in the Net?
The development of five new supercomputer centers in 1986 and The development of NSFNET, a high-speed communications network.
During the 1990s, the Internet was used primarily for
e-mail and Web page display
What made the Web accessible to computer users who were using different operating systems?
HTML and Web Browsers
Xanga is an example of
a social networking site
The majority of today’s bloggers
don’t use established editorial practices to check their facts
Receiving automatic, unsolicited updates on topics that may be of interest to a user is a feature of
Web 3.0
Who owns in the internet?
no one
The popular site MapQuest is owned by
By the late 1990s, Web advertising began to shift to
search engines
Internet advertising has the unique advantage of being
uniquely targeted
The software developed by amateurs and other programmers who freely share source codes and ideas is called
open source
A costly form of Internet identity theft is
information-gathering software that is secretly bundled with free downloaded software.
Which of the following may be considered an unethical form of online information gathering for commercial profit?
E-commerce and Cookies
Which of the following is a site of an information gap
Mobile web access via cell phones, High-speed broadband service, and Access to Internet service
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