Chapter 9 Human Disease & Conditions

Methods to prevent the spread of infection and disease include
Wash your hands
Lung abscesses are often a complication of pneumonia caused by bacteria. Aspiration of food, a foreign object, bronchial stenosis, or neoplasms may cause pulmonary abscesses to form. A pulmonary abscess also may develop when a septic embolism is carried to the lung via the pulmonary circulation
Of primary importance in the diagnosis of hemoptysis is
Determining the source of the bleeding
Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a bacterial infection, so no known prevention exists
Some points to stress in patient teaching regarding cessation of smoking include
Reducing one’s exposure to secondhand smoke is recommended
Severe hypoxemia in a patient who has recently experienced trauma is called shock lung or
Sarcoidosis is a multisystem granulomatous disorder most commonly detected in the lungs; serious disability is rare
An area of contained infectious material in the lung is known as
Pulmonary abscess
What is the most common site for head and neck tumors
Causes of epistaxis are
All are possible
In most cases the prognosis of lung cancer is good because people seek medical attention before metastasis occurs
Atelectasis, an airless or collapsed state of pulmonary tissue, may result from
All are correct
Facts about health hazards attributed to toxic mold include which of the following
People with decreased immunity, allergies, or underlying lung disease are more susceptible to fungal infections
The common symptom of a tumor of the larynx is
The treatment of sinusitis may include
All are correct
The pneumonia-like disease caused by bacteria that thrive in warm aquatic environments and are inhaled from moisture droplets in air conditioning units is called
Legionella infection
_______________ is a fungal disease originating in the lungs, with the greatest occurrence in the Midwestern United States
The cause of pneumoconiosis is Legionnaires’ disease
The common cold is a group of minor illnesses caused by
Almost 200 viruses or from mycoplasma
A double fracture of three or more adjacent ribs resulting in instability in the chest wall describes a patient with
Flail chest
________ refers to obstructive diseases of the lungs, including chronic bronchitis, bronchiectasis, asthma, emphysema, and pneumoconiosis
The US Prevention Services Task Force now recommends lung cancer screening for high-risk individuals with an annual low-dose chest CT
A crooked nasal septum or deviated septum can cause
All are correct
The maintenance of the acid-base balance of the blood is linked to the function of the lungs and the
Treatment of pneumonia includes
Organism-specific antibiotics for bacterial pneumonia
Stasis of blood flow from immobility, injury to a vessel, or predisposition to clot formation increases the risk of
All of the choices are correct
Permanent, irreversible dilation or distortion of the bronchi, resulting from destruction of muscular bronchial wall, describes
Who is at most risk for RSV pneumonia
All choices are correct
The primary function(s) of the pulmonary system is/are
Ventilation and respiration
Occupational diseases that cause progressive, chronic inflammation and infection in the lungs from inhalation of inorganic dust are termed
A collection of air or gas in the pleural cavity, resulting in a collapsed lung, describes a condition called
An infection of the lungs that may be chronic or acute that is caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis and is highly contagious. In dried form it can survive for months unless exposed to sunlight
Sputum removal management is the most important in the treatment of
Due to improved prevention and treatment measures for tuberculosis (TB), TB is no longer considered a public health risk
Common colds impart immunity and respond to antibiotic therapy
Growths that form from distended mucous membranes protruding into the nasal cavity are called
Nasal polypus
_____ is a destructive disease of the alveoli and the adjacent capillary walls resulting in chronic dyspnea, cough, and the characteristic barrel chest
Molds can be harmful in that they contain
The Epstein-Barr virus is the cause of
Infectious mononucleosis
The patient with pleurisy usually presents with abdominal pain and headache and without any history of recent infection or injury
Allergic rhinitis and allergic sinusitis can lead to inflammation of the mucosa of the sinuses and resulting sinusitis
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