Chapter 8.3 – Electron Configuration

electron configuration
shows the particular orbitals that electrons occupy for that atom
ground state
the lowest energy state
orbital diagram
symbolizes the electron as an arrow in a box that represents the orbital
Pauli exclusion principle
No two electrons in an atom can have the same four quantum numbers
orbitals that all have the same energy
Coulomb’s Law
the potential energy of two charged particles depends on their charges and their seperation
the repulsion of one electron by another electron
effective nuclear charge
the actual nuclear charge experienced by an electron, defined as the charge of the nucleus plus the charge of the shielding electrons
the phenomenon of some higher-level atomic orbitals having significant amounts of probability within the space occupied by orbitals of lower energy level
aubauf principle
the principle that indicates the pattern of orbital filling in an atom
Hund’s rule
the principle stating that when electrons fill degenerate orbitals they first fill them singly with parallel spins
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