Chapter 8 Sports Marketing

all activities associated with the sale, distribution, and promotion of a sports event
event marketing
any combination of advertising, sales promotion, publicity, direct marketing, and personal selling
promotional mix
any paid promotion of an idea, good, or service by an identified sponsor
advertising with a goal of selling an item being promoted
promotional advertising
advertising with a goal of developing goodwill or positive image
institutional advertising
a short-term incentive to get consumers interested in buying a product
sales promotion
the free mention of a product or company in the media
activities that promote the image and communication a company has with its employees, customers, investors, and public
public relations
a newsworthy article that provides that provides the basic information to answer questions such as who, what, where, when and why
press releases
direct communication by a salesperson to potential customers either in person or by telephone
personal selling
a type of incentive that usually gets redeemed at the store
a type of incentive that needs to be sent to the manufacturer for redemption
a type of incentive where products are given away to potential customers
a type of incentive where products are given away free with the purchase of merchandise
a type of incentive where you must perform a task to win a prize
a type of incentive where you simply need to sign up to be included in a competition or drawing
a special type of advertising on television that usually last for 30 minutes
Since a company pays for advertising, it has control over the message it wants to deliver.
Which of the following is a form of print media
direct mail, outdoor advertising, magazines
banner ads are used in:
online advertising
Companies must decide on the amount of _______, based on cost and potential return on money invested in an advertising campaign.
media converage
Coupons are an example of a sales promotion
There are _____ types of advertising media
Personal selling is an important part of the sales process because it involved one-way communication
The right combination of all of the elements of the promotional mix works to create synergy.
Publicity differs from advertising because a company does not pay for the exposure it gets in the media
a type of selling that does not require a great deal of sales ability since customers generally know what they want and simply ask for it
a type of selling that does require sales ability since the customer does not seem to know what they are looking for or wants
potential customers
promotional materials that can be used by the media
press kit
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