Chapter 8 Marketing Essentials

The process of exchanging information, ideas, and feelings.
Body Language
Your gestures, movements and mannerisms that communicate your thoughts without the use of words.
the avenues by which messages are delivered.
The receiver’s response to the message.
Interference with the understanding of the message.
Where the communication takes place.
Blocks to effective listening that includes noises, environmental factors, interruptions by other people, and competing thoughts that creep into your mind.
Emotional blocks
Biases against the opinions expressed by the sender that prevents you from understanding the message.
Technical or specialized vocab. used be members of a particular profession or industry.
What are the six elements of communication?
Senders and receivers, messages, channels, feedback, blocks, and setting.
How to arrange the setting of a business meeting?
Enough seating, the ability for each seat to be able to see the speaker, adequate lighting, appropriate equipment, and bring beverages and snacks.
How should you use your listening skills to improve your understanding of messages?
You can help clarify the message through asking questions and being interactive so the conversation isn’t one way.
What are the three blocks to listening with understanding?
Distractions, emotional blocks, and planning a response.
What are the three skills that will help you read with understanding?
1. Focus on it through constant concentration.
2. Try to form pictures of the people, places, things, and situations described when you read.
3. Try to broaden you vocabulary this will help your understanding of written communication.
Parliamentary procedure
A structure for holding group meetings and making decisions.
A proportion of the membership needed to conduct official business.
What are the three most common purposes for speaking?
To inform, to persuade, and to entertain.
What are the four basic patterns for organizing a formal speech?
Enumeration, generalization with example, cause and effect, and compare and contrast.
Ordered listing of all of the items in a collection.
Generalization with example
statements the speakers use that are accepted as true by most people, to prove a point.
Cause and effect
Discussing the issue in terms of cause and effect.
Compare and contrast
May be the most efficient way to explain something.
What s in the four step method for training?
1. Explain the task that is to be performed.
2. Demonstrate how to do the task.
3. Let the trainee try to do the task.
4. Critique the trainee on what they did right and wrong.
What is the purpose of parliamentary procedure?
Meant to make meetings democratic and decision making orderly.
What are the three basic considerations in writing?
1. Know the reader
2. Know the purpose
3. Know the subject

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